So-Called Social: Week of February 18

Your weekly dose of social news.

by Lauren Friedman

posted on 02-22-2019

Lots happened this week, so I’ll skip the pleasantries and just dive right in. Twitter is testing new images and vids, Adobe is officially innovative (again!), and two monkey brothers were reunited and it’s the sweetest thing. Read on.

Social nets update stuff

Twitter is working on livening up its livestreams. The company is reportedly testing new ways to share images and video on its platform. A fun new “Twitter News Camera” feature is in mid-development, which allows users to add location details and color overlays to photos, videos, and livestreams.

Because even the best of us make typos, Twitter users have long desired an “edit” button. Seems like TW is finally listening. CEO Jack Dorsey hinted at a potential new “clarification” feature. This feature would essentially allow users to add a permanent addition to the original problematic tweet. This could be interesting especially for news outlets, as well as famous folk who may have some questionable tweets from their past. Seems useful…

Instagram is testing a “donation” sticker for Stories. The feature would allow users to search through a list of nonprofits to link directly to the sticker, similar to the popular donation tools Facebook offers on its platform. Instagram has been gradually experimenting with what payments should look like on the app, and so far it has only released test features. Lots of eyes are following where IG could take commerce and shopping this year, and donations is just one avenue explored.

Adobe does stuff

This week, Adobe was named #2 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List in the AR/VR space. Um, cool! The recognition highlights our work with Project Aero, a powerful new AR authoring tool making it easier for designers to create immersive content. If you haven’t already, check it out.

ICYMI, Tech Summit was a smashing success. Not familiar with Tech Summit? It is an internal Adobe event meant to bring engineers together, learn from each other, and plan the future of technology. Pretty dang awesome. Catch up on all you missed.

Other brands do stuff

Beauty brand L’Occitane (I swear I will never pronounce that right) has unveiled a new marketing campaign called No Filter Needed, featuring 10 of its female employees as influencers. The campaign focuses on how women often feel the need to filter themselves based on societal constructs. The employees range in age, race, and profession, highlighting how diversity and inclusion are key for the company, as well as women’s empowerment.

In their latest campaign, Calvin Klein is betting big on digital. “Our Now” is the theme of the new #MyCalvins campaign, which you may have already seen grace your Instagram feed from the likes of Shawn Mendes, Kendall Jenner, and A$AP Rocky. After releasing disappointing results last fall, the company vowed to take a more digital-first approach this spring; prioritizing mobile experience with very heavy focus on video. The brand is also launching on TikTok, a short-form mobile video platform popular with Gen Z’ers.

Interesting stuff

Facebook has started a new funding program for Facebook Watch, working with publishers and influencers to create new shows. The shows would be funded by FB, produced by studio partners, and star influencers with extensive social followings. This incubator program spans verticals including entertainment, news and sports. Watch has unquestionably been a priority for the company. It will be interesting to see how Facebook breaks into the space.

It’s no secret Instagram Stories is incredibly valuable for influencers and marketers. What really is the reason behind the success? Influencer experts discuss the unique appeal of Stories, concentrating on the fact that the feature allows for true engagement with an audience, beyond just the highlight reel of a feed. Raw, behind the scenes content and personal interaction is where connection lies.

Advertisers are facing a challenge in a mobile-first world. Used to a 30 second slot on TV, brands now must achieve engagement in just 6 seconds or less on a small screen, with no guarantee of sound being on. Sounds tough. This study offered some interesting insights on how to make the best of a hurried window. The verdict: simple messaging and quick storytelling.

Fun stuff

This guy live-tweeted his Valentine’s experiment at Outback Steakhouse and it’s pretty legendary. Whatever you gotta do for free steak, man.

In a heartwarming letter, we discover one man’s old VHS player is another man’s treasure.

What happened when these monkey brothers were reunited might make you cry.

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