Learn How to Accelerate Your Organization’s Design-Led Transformation at Adobe Summit

by Meredith Cooper

posted on 02-26-2019

In today’s hyper-personalized digital world, experience rules.

Brands that invest in customer experience achieve an average revenue growth rate of 23 percent, compared to 13 percent for those that don’t.

Your customers demand frictionless experiences with every interaction. Delivering on this promise will win your brand loyalty.

However, today’s superior customer experiences don’t just come out of nowhere — they rest on your ability to adopt disruptive technologies to produce outstanding design, marketing, and creative processes. If you’re looking for the best ways to improve these processes while embracing next-generation technologies and elevating your commitment to a design-led transformation, attend one of these five Adobe Summit sessions. Led by industry experts and your peers, these sessions will inspire you through real-life examples from some of the most innovative global brands and agencies.

Use video to drive marketing innovation

In “Turning Video Upside Down: Redefining Video to Stop the Thumb,” creative and marketing leaders from Quicken Loans will share how the brand has transformed its marketing strategy by finding hidden opportunities for video, and, in doing so, deliver high-volume engagement across various channels and platforms.

Matt Cardwell, director of activation channel strategy, and Ryan Mulvaney, marketing creative technologies manager at Quicken, will show you how Quicken has redefined video and harnessed its power to form one of the company’s cutting-edge marketing innovations. This is especially relevant for brands, as video has overtaken text and static images as the most uploaded digital content on the web.

Attend this session to learn how to scale production (despite budget limitations) and integrate video more quickly into immersive channels like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mobile gaming.

Create immersive customer experiences

Immersive technologies are transforming how retailers shape the customer experience. The considerations are substantial — how to design unique products that customers want and need while reducing the amount of time it takes to develop and market a new line.

Target has reshaped its customer experience by digitizing its product design and marketing workflows. Rapid prototyping is the key to Target’s transformation. In the session “Reinventing Retail through Immersive Technologies,” you’ll find out how Target has achieved this — and how your organization can adopt a similar strategy to improve time to market, speed, and relevance.

Develop synergies between creative and business teams

Creative breakthroughs never happen in silos.

In the session “Creatives are from Mars, Marketers are from Venus,” Collin Whitehead, head of brand studio at Dropbox, will discuss how marketers and creatives can develop empathy and come together to improve their company’s experience design. You’ll also learn how to develop practical scorecards for subjective creative work, real strategies for creatives and marketers to understand each other’s challenges, and how to streamline workflows across marketing and creative.

Develop transformative, intelligent marketing operations

Becoming an experience business requires organizational transformation.

Global health care brand GSK will share the story of its own transformation in its Summit session, “The Journey to Intelligent, Transformative Marketing Operations.”

Raakhi Sippy, GSK’s global head of operations & third-party partnerships, and Nikki Mendonça, global president of Accenture Interactive Operations, will share how GSK adopted a data-driven marketing approach and introduced process automation for stronger business performance and more efficient content production and distribution.

Humanize your brand and align with customers’ values

Changing consumer behavior is creating a whole new landscape for driving and car ownership, so fostering real connections with consumers is critical.

In the session “Humanize Your Brand: How to Align with Your Customers’ Values,” Resh Sidhu, AKQA group creative director, and Rachel Curry, director of marketing at Volvo Cars USA, will discuss how your company can adapt to industry change and foster innovation at the same time. You’ll also learn how to attract customers and boost sales by turning aspiration into inspiration.

Get hands-on training at Adobe Summit

If you also want hands-on training on the latest Creative Cloud products, attend one of our labs to discover how to:

Whether you attend a session to expand your knowledge or a lab to get practical training, the lessons you learn at Summit from industry experts and your peers could help your organization take your customer experience to the next level in 2019 and beyond.

Don’t miss Adobe Summit, March 26-28, 2019, at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Register now and sign up for these informative sessions. Use code S18SMDC to save $200 when you register for #AdobeSummit.

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