NRG Energy Harnesses the Power of Personalization to Fuel Sales Growth

by Paige Pace

posted on 02-26-2019

NRG Energy provides energy solutions to some of the largest organizations in the U.S., including hospitals, universities, stadiums, corporate data centers, and even cities. For these customers, an energy solution is not simply a matter of flipping a switch. Instead, their power demands can be complex and require customized approaches to help ensure highly reliable and affordable access to address fluctuating energy needs.

Account executives at NRG build personal relationships with every B2B client, working with them one-on-one to understand their goals and put together the right solution. That’s personalization on a human scale. But to scale to address more customers more quickly, NRG looked to achieve personalization on a digital scale, which could dramatically increase the reach of the company’s sales and marketing efforts.

The energy provider has reoriented digital experiences around the customer and already sees the payoff, with 5 times higher engagement on its website and a 3% boost in online leads. That translates to a stronger sales pipeline without the need to expand or overextend already busy sales teams.

“By using digital marketing channels to maintain relationships, generate leads, and support renewal and cross-selling opportunities, we give sales representatives more time to create customized energy plans for new customers while continuing to work closely with our largest existing customers,” says Gin Kinney, Vice President Strategic Marketing at NRG.

The transformation includes the website, email campaigns, social media, advertising, and mobile apps—all geared to deliver more relevant, personalized content created with Adobe Creative Cloud and delivered with Adobe Experience Cloud.

For example, a website visitor from the medical industry in southeastern Texas might see content related to keeping hospital power running in the event of a hurricane. A tech company might see thought leadership materials on renewable energy-powered data centers. Or a manufacturer might be shown insights on how to navigate energy markets.

Meanwhile, NRG gains a better understanding of what assets and information resonate with its audiences and transforms those insights into more targeted email, advertising, and social media campaigns for its different demographics. With more sophisticated testing and optimization of campaigns across channels, the company is taking personalization to new levels.

Learn how Adobe Experience Cloud makes personalization possible at NRG.

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