Redefine the Customer Experience with Adobe Experience Manager Forms 6.5

The future belongs to those who create.

by Sunil Menon

posted on 02-27-2019

Adobe recently unveiled the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager with innovations that enable marketers and developers to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With this release, Adobe Experience Manager Forms also has powerful new features to accelerate digital transformation for organizations, especially those that are re-imagining customer or employee journeys that traditionally relied on complex forms and document-based processes. These innovative capabilities can empower regulated enterprises and government agencies to meet the ever-increasing demands from modern customers who want a seamless customer experience across channels and devices.

Let’s take a look at the latest Experience Manager Forms innovations available today as part of the 6.5 release.

Author multi-channel content with speed and ease

Most brands now understand the importance of delivering content across multiple channels and devices, as the modern customer demands nothing less than a seamless, fluid journey. However, not all organizations can afford to put a dedicated budget behind modernizing every asset for every channel. Solutions built in-house are often expensive, difficult to scale and highly reliant on limited IT resources. With Experience Manager Forms, organizations can create multi-channel content within a single platform and user interface. Web, mobile, or print, content can be authored and published at scale while ensuring accuracy and consistency for your brand.

With enhanced usability and intuitive tools, designing and delivering customer communications across channels and devices has never been easier. Content authors can easily repurpose and reuse both content and layout across print channels and mobile-responsive HTML5 communications to fulfill the needs of digitally-savvy customers who demand more interactive capabilities instead of traditional print documents.

Adobe’s new Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor in Experience Manager Sites enables developers and marketers to preview, edit, and manage content in-context and in one place for faster collaboration. Embedding modern form experiences or interactive communications into those single-page-applications is now possible with the new Experience Manager Forms SPA component. Forms authors can use the rich capabilities of Experience Manager Forms to design modern data-capture and communication experiences, all while rendering those HTML5 experiences as part of an SPA by using the Experience Manager Forms SPA component.

Deliver engaging and personalized interactive communications, at scale

If you want to increase customer engagement and build customer loyalty in the long run, you need to rethink the end-to-end customer journey. Customer service communications such as notices or statements are still stuck in a legacy, print-first experience. Modernizing these communications with a digital-first approach enables brands to take advantage of real-time generation of the communication. Consequently, one-on-one communications with your customers can be personalized leveraging Adobe Target, providing a great opportunity to expand the share of wallet by offering relevant products or services to a happy, engaged customer. Experience Manager Forms can help you to deliver personalized customer communications at scale with confidence.

With increasing demand to make communications more visual and engaging, there is a need to leverage new visual tools like interactive charts as part of the document being presented to the customer. With this release, we have expanded the ability to include advanced charts with more out-of-the-box charting components to help represent data in the most effective manner.

Features like sorting on table columns or drill-downs in charts can be easily enabled, so your customers can quickly view the data they care about most directly within your digital communications, without the hassle of exporting into Excel and leaving your website. It’s simple to create too. Content authors can use keyboard shortcuts to add data elements or drag and drop data elements directly onto text or field fragments to simplify authoring long-form documents or personalized communications.

Increase efficiency with simplified workflows and intelligent automation

As you focus your efforts on delivering great customer experiences, our product will take care of the work behind the scenes. Complex workflows are now further streamlined and can be scaled with ease.

With Experience Manager Forms 6.5, workflows can be reused across your enterprise’s forms library to scale commonly used processes. Workflow authoring and debugging has been simplified further by enabling the use of variables and custom data types that persist throughout the workflow.

We have also deepened our integration with Adobe Sign to easily integrate electronic signatures into your forms and document processes. With support for Cloud Signatures through Adobe Sign, customers can now sign forms and documents through PKI-based digital signatures to independently validate identity through a trusted authority to meet the most rigorous regulatory requirements globally.

We have also continued to innovate in our Automated Forms Conversion capabilities by adding in a “Review and Correct” UI, so users can update the output from our Adobe Sensei- powered machine learning engine, in case any tweaking is needed.

We are excited to see what your organizations can achieve with Adobe Experience Manager Forms. We invite you to learn more at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and London, where our executive leadership team will talk about Adobe’s latest innovations and our big bets and vision for leading the Customer Experience Management market. We will also be sharing our deep investment in partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies and some outstanding customer stories with inspiring best practices. We look forward to seeing you there.


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