Tokyo Butai Showmei Simplifies Planning for Large Events with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

by Yumi Ochiai

posted on 03-04-2019

Concert lighting can make a great performance even better, pulling the audience into a dazzling world of sound and light. The effect can be magical, but the work behind it is painstaking. That’s why every bit of efficiency helps as a lighting plan goes from concept to reality.

Just ask the Director of Lighting at Tokyo Butai Showmei, Mr. Teiji Okayama. To prepare for a big show, his teams mock up detailed designs in 3D. They program intricate routines into simulation software. They precision-map visual effects to lyrics in performers’ set lists. And, until a few years ago, they printed hundreds of pages of diagrams for every project, lugging the papers around to every client meeting and rehearsal.

Not anymore. Today, the company uses Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to create PDFs of its complex lighting diagrams to share while on-site with clients and partners. Instead of shuffling through papers, Tokyo Butai Showmei staffers pull out a laptop or tablet to walk clients through a digital version of the design, expertly zooming in and taking notes. It’s no longer a problem when the group needs to reference a different set of files—the staffer can simply retrieve it from the file server.

Tokyo Butai Showmei designs and operates lighting for a lot of big names in music, theater, and even theme parks. So the security features in Adobe Acrobat are crucial—helping the company secure documents so details don’t leak to the public in the lead-up to a show.

The stage lighting industry never sits still, and Tokyo Butai Showmei works hard to stay at the forefront. The move to digital files is just one more way the company is driving innovation to create magical experiences for its clients.

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Topics: Future of Work, Digital Transformation