The Evolution of Data Management Platforms (DMPs), your Adobe Summit Guide

by Rakhi Patel

posted on 03-05-2019

While managing strategy for Adobe’s DMP Audience Manager, I have been fortunate enough to see a nascent industry transform into a mature ecosystem. Engineers are deploying machine-learning algorithms into efficient tools for marketers, product teams are pushing for aggressive innovation to drive digital transformation, partners are creating integrations that streamline cross-channel audience activation for enterprise brands, and consumers are holding us all accountable for marketing responsibly.

Though Adobe’s leadership has been integral in driving innovation in the space, I’m most in awe of the digital practitioners, web analysts, performance marketers, media organizations, and data scientists who are reimagining their careers as a direct result of adding DMP knowledge to their toolkit. This new wave of talent has mastered audience centralization and activation for their companies while breaking down silos to democratize insights across teams. These insights are leading businesses to reduce CPA, increase conversions, and deliver connected experiences.

Get inspired by the industry’s top thought leaders

I am more thrilled than ever to be managing the Audience Manager strategy, messaging, and execution for Adobe Summit for the fourth year in a row. Over 30 presenters have been thoughtfully selected for 15 Adobe Audience Manager sessions. Half of them represent Adobe experts while the other 50 percent are Adobe Audience Manager experts from top brands. We have all been working tirelessly to create content that arms you with the knowledge you need to either learn about the DMP ecosystem from scratch or to take your current DMP organization to the next level of maturity. I can’t wait for you to meet these digital thought leaders and learn from them.

Below are comments from some of the esteemed Adobe experts who will be delivering Adobe Audience Manager sessions this year. As you build your schedule, we’ve also created a summary for you, broken down by category and session type. We hope this makes it easier for you to learn, network, and, most of all, get inspired. Get started with this Adobe Audience Manager Session Guide.

See you in Vegas.

Messages from this year’s Adobe Audience Manager speakers

This year I get to evangelize the groundbreaking work done by Discovery in our talk “DMPs of a New Age — Real-Time Activation in the Market.” We will focus on Discovery’s use of AAM’s APIs for the fastest possible data collection and activation. As the average number of devices per person continues to increase, and more devices are coming online all the time, collecting data across every customer touchpoint, and activating it in real time, is critical for the success of any business. Not only did Discovery connect all of their users’ multiple devices in AAM, but they implemented a data collection strategy for 19 brands across eight different device platforms in less than a week with Adobe’s APIs! I am excited to share this amazing story about the speed of innovation in the ad tech space, as well as how Adobe’s open approach to identity and device management helped Discovery achieve their real-time, multichannel data activation goals.” -Allison Doyle, technology consultant, Adobe

Allison’s Session: DMPs of a New Age — Real-Time Activation in the Market

“This year I have the privilege to present with Kohl’s on “Creating an Audience Center of Excellence.” Not only do I get to present with a rock star customer but we will be presenting on a passion of mine — setting up the process and people to make your technology investment successful. As marketers, we are always focused on ROI — and while we all typically focus on the particular programs, tactics, or technology that will get us there, I love taking a step back and thinking about the people part of the equation as it’s often overlooked. And, what better place to do that than at Adobe Summit 2019!” -Nina Caruso, Adobe Audience Manager product marketing

Nina’s Session: Creating an Audience Center of Excellence

“Last year, I took the stage with Samsung at Adobe Summit to present emerging areas on data trade with second- and third-party data. A few months after, we had the enactment of GDPR and the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Inevitably, there has been a lot of scrutiny on data privacy. This year, I am thrilled to partner with Forrester and provide a practitioner point of view on data privacy in the world of data management and digital marketing. It feels great to back in the alley of privacy and talk about all the groundbreaking work my team and I have been doing over the last couple of years.”

-Kunal Chopra, product manager, Adobe

Kunal’s Session: Privacy: Not a Trend But a Differentiator

“This year I am excited to present with 3M to help inform and demystify the data platform ecosystem. This is typically one of the most confusing things for people who are adjusting to an audience-based strategy versus a channel-based [strategy]. Speaking with a client who is already engaging in this transformation and really leading the charge within a multinational organization should serve as proof that while complex this topic is one that needs to be tackled.” -Dan Raffe, Adobe solution consultant

Dan’s Session: Acronym-mageddon! Data Technologies Everywhere!

The content for my session is power-packed, starting with the experience cloud architecture with AAM at its center for achieving multi-solution use cases, explanation about various data integration methods, which is the foundation of AAM. But what excites me most is the content about one of the most sought-after use cases in the Telco world, “How do we do the next best action/the next best offer in the digital world using AAM as the centerpiece for audiences?” I am really looking forward to presenting it to the audience at Summit — and even more excited to catch up after and discuss it further.” -Nagendra Nukala, multi-solution architect, Adobe

Nagendra’s Session: Telus’s Journey Transforming Customer Data Into High-Value Audiences

_“A consistent priority for the AAM consulting team is to support an understanding of how to get the most out of Adobe Audience Manager, particularly in tandem with the rest of the Experience Cloud investment. Solving this problem is one of my most favorite tasks as it will vary by customer, industry, and goals, but always helps to show significant improvement in marketing performance. This year I am thrilled to co-present with Sprint to showcase the success they have been able to drive out of AAM within the rest of their Experience Cloud stack. I am excited to help novice and expert AAM users alike understand different cross-channel use cases and enable those users to take better control of marketing when powered by AAM.” –_Nicholas Cammuso, senior consultant, Adobe

Nick’s Session: Powering Adobe Experience Cloud with Adobe Audience Manager

Very excited to be presenting at Summit for my first time since joining Adobe, just over two years ago! Joining me on stage will be Equinox. Prior to being customers of Audience Manager, Equinox was already leveraging Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Since deploying Adobe’s DMP, it has been truly inspiring to watch their digital transformation continue to unfold. Unlocking lifestyle marketing, through a digital-first mentality is at the forefront of Equinox’s strategy. Understanding what their club members are doing outside of the club is just as important as the classes they are joining within the club. Looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone in Vegas!” -Mike Ragusa, solutions consultant, Adobe

Mike’s Session: Delivering on the Real-Time Promise

I’ve worn a lot of hats in my career: front-end developer, account management, product management, sales. And I’ve had the privilege of working with multiple data management platforms along the way. But something I have not done is speak at Summit. I am very excited to not only talk about what I believe is the best product offering in the DMP space, but I will get to present alongside Intuit, a company whose methodical, data-driven approach to using Audience Manager is a thing of beauty to this former project manager.” -Trey McIntyre, senior solutions consultant, Adobe

Trey’s Session: DMP 101: I’m Still New. Don’t Hate, Educate

“I’m co-presenting a session on “Audience Activation Strategies in Media” with Crocs, which is a very media-focused organization. I can relate to this topic because I spent the first several years of my career building and managing media campaigns. Having the right data and execution strategy can make or break a campaign, and it’s really interesting to see how a company used a DMP to make incremental improvements that end up having a huge downstream impact. Hearing about tactics and use cases straight from the marketer is always useful, so this session should be very valuable for the audience!” -Kimaya Chaudhary, product marketing manager, Adobe

Kimaya’s Session: Audience Activation Strategies in Media

“This will be my first time presenting at Summit which a big deal for me! I’m presenting with my client Mastercard with whom I’ve spent about 1.5 years. My journey on this account has been really interesting as I came in when the account was at the early stages all the way until today when they’re leveraging Audience Manager for almost all their marketing campaigns leveraging frequency capping, prospecting, and retargeting. It’s almost unimaginable for them to not leverage AAM for any marketing campaign, and it’s become a permanent part of their digital ecosystem. I’m excited to share this journey with everyone.” -Rohan Kapoor, sr. technology consultant, Adobe

Rohan’s Session: Audience-Driven Strategies in Financial Services, Featuring Mastercard

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