Essential Career Advice from our Adobe & Women Employee Network

This year, for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we decided to throw this query out to our Adobe & Women Employee Network: what’s one piece of career advice you want to tell women who are just starting their career? From senior customer success managers to software engineers, here’s what they had to share.

Always say “yes” to new assignments or tasks that you’ve never done before, and then do the research to figure out how to complete that job successfully – Google it, ask your colleagues or someone who’s done that task before. Clarify expectations with the requestor. You’ll learn something new, you’ll decide whether you like it or not, you’ll have helped your team, and you will be seen as someone who’s not afraid to jump in and figure things out.

Follow your passion, in whatever you do. No matter what role you are in, your job responsibilities, team or product you work on, you will do your best work when you stay true to what motivates, drives and satisfies you. Redefine pre-existing role models, be the change, bring your diversity of thought leadership to how you problem solve. Our teams and products, and ultimately our customers benefit the most.

Have a vision, create a plan and don’t be afraid to pivot or change your mind, but be committed, see things through and be humble. Take part in improving a workforce that includes everyone. Don’t get caught up when someone is better than you at something, learn from them and partner – there is a place for us all. If you don’t see one where you are, create it! Be a leader. Support those at the table and speak up for those not invited. Be good to yourself, connect with nature, volunteer and take part in community. Surround yourself with people that are positive and kind to others, who want to excel in life. Be good to yourself! Ultimately, have true faith, release and dive in!

Especially early in your career, give yourself permission to explore several fields of work. You’ll find you are good at something but don’t enjoy. You’ll also find work that you enjoy but may not be very good at. If you explore enough, you’ll find the perfect fit – something you love and are good at.

I’m quoting Lady Gaga’s inspiring advice, “It’s not about winning. What it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it!”

Listen. Watch. When you speak, let it be from a place of knowledge, and speak with confidence. Know your business, and take no shit. Be humble, and especially respectful of those with more knowledge or who communicate differently than you do but, if you are being mistreated, walk away and don’t look back.

Explore and learn as much as possible!

I received this advice very early in my career and it has stuck with me and is how I try to approach my work and personal life everyday – don’t bring a problem to the table, bring solutions to the table to address the problems.

Life is going to throw many challenges in your path so don’t create obstacles for yourself on top of that. Your age, your gender, your ethnicity, or anything else unique about you is only a limiting factor if you allow it to be. When I got my first job in high-tech, I was a 17 year old high school student and being a petite Asian on top of that, I probably looked like I was about 12 years old. I was far too determined and headstrong to let any of those things get in my way, so when no one in my team took me seriously, I not only proved them wrong – I was offered a job to return the following summer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for new challenges. If you don’t ask, people don’t know you want to progress. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Dream, dare, work hard, never give up!

Know each day’s “quitting time” and honour it. We can’t do quality work tired. Rest every evening: your brain will work wonders for you.

At Adobe sites across the globe, we’re hosting events, panels, film screenings and fundraisers to recognize the contributions of women everywhere and advance opportunities for everyone to succeed. Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day give us the opportunity to celebrate the positive impact that women have always had on society, politics, and business. Stay tuned for more content this month as we celebrate women globally!

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