Marketo Brings Marketing Nation to Adobe Summit in 2019

Together, Marketo Marketing Nation and Adobe Summit are dominating the B2B marketing scene.

by Amanda Sanchez

posted on 03-06-2019

Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Ben and Jerry. While sometimes it’s good to fly solo, more often than not it’s better together. Case in point: Marketo and Adobe.

Not only does Marketo’s feature-rich and cloud-native B2B marketing solutions have a hand-in-glove fit with Adobe Experience Cloud but, now, the two are bringing their power-packed annual events together for an experience like no other: Adobe Summit, happening March 26–28 in Las Vegas.

B2B Marketing Automation with Marketo

Throughout the entire event, Marketo insiders will provide their unique expertise surrounding B2B marketing, advertising, IT, and other professional services. Specifically, the B2B Marketing with Marketo track will feature specific sessions and ancillary events, plus a dedicated general session with a keynote by Steve Lucas, senior vice president for Marketo | Adobe, on March 28.

The B2B Marketing track will unpack exceptional end-to-end B2B experience creation and illustrate how customer-first strategies must be the new standard. Throughout the sessions, the Adobe/Marketo community will share first-hand insights and how-to guides, while showcasing ways we can best support B2B marketers at an account level. Our goal is simple: help support your buyer journey, while enabling your organization to nurture meaningful customer relationships.

Scheduling Summit sessions now

The B2B Marketing track will feature a host of unique sessions, including:

S332: Deliver Innovative Customer Experiences with Marketo’s Partner Ecosystem

Learn how to grow your business using one of the industry’s largest and most diverse partner ecosystems. By leveraging Marketo, you can tap into the technology from over 550 partners to create an integrated and highly customized marketing technology stack.

S333: Make the Most Out of Your A/B Testing with Marketo

Create engaging customer experiences starting with effective, efficient A/B testing. This approach will enable you to collect meaningful data while avoiding common testing mistakes. From there, it’s easy to interpret your results and optimize your marketing.

S330: Ten Things to Know About Marketo and B2B Marketing

Learn how to supercharge your outreach efforts with a “marketing operating system” that can personalize complex buyer journeys, and uniquely align marketing and sales teams under an omnichannel umbrella.

S331: Tie Marketing to Revenue with Marketo

Better measure how your marketing efforts impact revenue and risk and gain insight into every touchpoint in your buyer journey. With this intel, it’s easy to accurately identify which channels and campaigns deliver the highest ROI, and do more of what works.

S334: Web Personalization and Content AI in the Real World

Every marketer and brand wants to leverage personalization and content, but getting started — and keeping the momentum going — can be a challenge. This session unpacks real-world examples including InZone campaigns, widgets, implementing AI in email and rich template content, IP-based targeting versus extracting from Marketo, and more.

Operating within Adobe Summit gives Marketo Marketing Nation the opportunity not only to continue providing our own great content within a larger digital-marketing context but also to expand its network to include more than 15,000 of passionate Adobe customers. Combining our events — including Marketing Nation breakout sessions at the Wynn—will also allow us to broaden our shared network of customers, who are collectively advancing the discipline of marketing to boldly meet a new century.

Be sure to check out the complete list of B2B Marketing with Marketo sessions when you plan your Summit experience, use code S18SMDC to save $200 when you register for #AdobeSummit.

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