Commerce Takes Charge at Summit

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 03-12-2019

Brands like Stitch Fix understand convenience is the biggest currency in today’s e-commerce landscape. The way to a customer’s heart, then, is to carefully track her preferences — her own feedback is a goldmine of information — and deliver more hits than misses when selling her clothes. Stitch Fix is not just selling clothes to time-starved customers, it’s also selling convenience, satisfaction, and true value.

Convenience is just one of the many drivers behind top-notch e-commerce experiences. Since customers’ online preferences are as fleeting as fashion trends, brands must understand the language and know how to leverage the latest technologies that enable superior experiences. Consider Adobe Summit your cheat sheet.

With hundreds of sessions, workshops, and labs, Adobe Summit will help marketers and commerce leaders create unparalleled customer experiences — and the Experience-Driven Commerce sessions will dig even deeper. This track will peek under the hood with strategies attendees can immediately use to maximize their own businesses, using Adobe solutions, including the recently acquired Magento Commerce Cloud, to do even more.

The shifting e-commerce landscape

Keep in mind, what works for one customer might not always work for the next. For every time-pressed customer, there are customers who love the hunt, who maintain elaborate Pinterest boards on favorite outfits, who follow fashion influencers, and constantly shop online.

No matter what a customer’s digital footprint might look like online, the best e-commerce retailers work with the data to deliver an experience that curries favor with the right audience. The convenience-first customer might see ease as a high priority while the fashion-obsessed customer might enjoy posting her favorite Instagram “stories” on a retailer’s website. Each receives custom experiences that wow and lead customers to click “Buy.”

At Summit, marketing and commerce executives will see how the movement toward the Experience Era is redefining retail and what this means for delivering value in experiences and seamlessly blending sales into every part of this customer experience journey. If customers are choosing experiences over products, learning how to sell product as part of the experience becomes even more imperative — a major theme that will be unpacked in the Commerce track.

Custom content for e-commerce experiences** **

These sessions and more will be central to the Commerce track, with insights from Adobe and Magento thought leaders as well as innovative customers and brands driving the industry forward.

Dean Bowerman, vice president, digital marketing and ecommerce, Rite Aid, shares how the retailer modernized every aspect of its business in Nine Pillars of E-Commerce Success: Lessons from Rite Aid. The takeaway for attendees will be in how Rite Aid uses Adobe to streamline digital commerce operations and support 5,000 new promotions each week while improving service levels.

Learn how HP tested new omnichannel strategies, including click-and-collect options and online reservations for in-store demos. HP also rolled out sites across five countries on one platform to support multiple B2C and B2B customer segments. Gillian Campbell, head of omni-channel enablement at HP shares pathways for such successes and more in Managing Global Omnichannel Commerce — Best Practices from HP.

Explore Coca-Cola’s strategies as it grew its direct-to-consumer approach from a promotion to a platform for shoppable experiences. In Commerce & Content: How Coca-Cola Realizes the Promise of Branded Commerce, Todd Skidmore, senior manager, eCommerce, The Coca-Cola Company shines light on how e-commerce for brands comes to life when it’s elevated from a transaction to an experience-driven consumer relationship.

John Faviano, director of demand management and integrated marketing platforms and MRM/McCann chief technology officer Fred Seidelman talk online merchandise sales and the role it plays in branding, promotion, and consumer engagement. In Why Start with Experience? Learnings from Anheuser-Busch’s Commerce Journey, they’ll share strategies for putting experience at the center of digital commerce strategies, ways to create powerful touchpoints with Adobe Experience Manager and Target, and how to use APIs to embed rich Magento commerce capabilities to push impulse sales.

Personal value and enrichment

Adobe Summit is also a chance for digital and e-commerce marketers to network with their peers and learn from each other and to learn best practices in the industry. A diverse spectrum of audiences across the e-commerce landscape means there is a lot of information to be gleaned laterally from many industries, not just up and down one vertical.

As the e-commerce landscape changes and gets more and more competitive, it’s increasingly essential to keep ahead of customer demands — and, specifically, understand the strategies for developing and delivering compelling customer experiences.

Adobe Summit delivers that know-how and does so through a multi-pronged approach: through targeted informative sessions, through networking opportunities with industry peers, and through inspirational seminars from thought leaders. Summit polishes e-commerce skills so marketers can stay ahead of trends and understand how to effectively use Adobe and Magento technology to cater to those trends.

Be sure to check out the complete list of Experience-Driven Commerce with Magento sessions when you plan your Summit experience, and use code S18SMDC to save $200 when you register for #AdobeSummit.

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