Your Guide to the Personalization Track Sessions at Adobe Summit

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by Jason Hickey

posted on 03-12-2019

You’ve registered to attend the 2019 Adobe Summit, booked your hotel, and made your travel reservations. The biggest digital marketing conference of the year is just around the corner. If you’re like those of us on the Adobe Target team, you’re anticipating meeting other digital marketers who live and breathe personalization and optimization, attending some great social events, and hearing some amazing speakers on the mainstage. You’re probably also looking through the session catalog trying to figure out which Personalization track sessions to attend — a difficult task given the many industry leaders and visionaries in this space presenting this year.

To make that task just a little easier, I wanted to provide you with a high-level summary of the Personalization track sessions. This year, they fall into four general areas: optimization and personalization program growth and maturity, tips and tricks for personalization and optimization, personalizing in business to business (B2B) and regulated industries, and AI innovations in personalization and optimization. I’ve also given you a quick overview of the labs we’re offering for those of you who may be more hands-on or technically oriented.

Optimization and personalization program growth and maturity

Whether your program is brand new or has successfully woven optimization and personalization into its very fabric, there’s always something new to learn from practitioners who have built successful programs. This year, we have six sessions focused on this topic — with major brands sharing their experiences of and insights into building such programs.

S404: How Dell Builds its Experimentation Culture Like a Product

Listen in as technology company Dell describes how they treat personalization and testing like any other big team doing big things — as a product organization. In this case, experience optimization is the product.

S405: How Kohl’s Architected Its Personalization Program for Scale and Success

Learn from retailer Kohl’s how they launched a high-performing testing and personalization program across a matrixed organization by having the right team, mindset, governance, and approach.

S407: Anatomy of an Industry-leading Personalization Practice

Listen as featured speaker James McCormick, principal analyst at Forrester, and Drew Burns of Adobe Target share how leading brands turn each customer interaction with the brand into an opportunity to create a memorable, loyalty-building moment for that customer.

S409: How Telus Uses Adobe Target Server-Side to Expand and Scale Personalization

Hear how Telus Canada has democratized experimentation to empower developers, marketers, business owners, and content owners across the organization with its server-side deployment of Adobe Target.

S411: Adobe Target Essentials: How to Ensure That You’re Set Up for Success

Discover from Sprint and Adobe experts best practices for constructing a solid foundation for your program built on the three pillars of people, technology, and process that can take you from implementation through analysis and iteration.

S417: Guideposts to Help Executives Find the Beach of Personalization

In this session by Accenture Interactive, you’ll be introduced to Personal Experience Design, a personalization framework that guides you in starting your personalization, evaluating its business impact, and determining where to best invest your personalization resources.

Tips and tricks for personalization and optimization

These practical how-to sessions are always a favorite — especially if you’re a personalization practitioner who is ready to roll up your sleeves and delve into personalizing and optimizing. These sessions are a mix of tips and tricks from in-house Adobe Target experts, along with presentations of real stories of optimization and personalization success using Adobe Target submitted by your peers.

S401: Personalization All-Stars: Tales from the Trenches

Every year we hold a contest to learn about experiments or personalization activities our customers have run in Adobe Target that delivered exceptional customer experiences and made a huge business impact. Come listen to select finalists present those stories on stage.

S402: Top Optimization Hacks You Can Do with Adobe Target

In this session, Adobe experts share ideas for novel and creative tests that drive conversions as well as testing innovations in Adobe Target you should try.

S403: Top Tips on Personalization with Adobe Target Recommendations & Automation

In this session, hear from Adobe Target experts as they showcase tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you become a personalization guru using three of our AI-driven personalization capabilities in Adobe Target.

S406: The Inside Story of How We Personalize from B2B to B2C on

Hear how positively impacted key success measures like increasing submission rates for engagement forms on the B2B and B2C areas of its website by serving more relevant content using Adobe’s personalization technologies.

S410: Optimization Foundations: Where and How to Start to Move the Needle

No matter how new or seasoned you are in experience optimization, you always need inspiration for tests to run. Listen as experts share their winning test designs based on a blend of customer psychology and best practices in optimization strategy and execution.

S413: Activating the Power of Unified Profile Data for Effective Personalization

Successful personalization comes down to how you build and activate the power of the visitor profile. Hear Adobe Target experts share numerous bite-sized personalization opportunities with profile attributes and actions at their core that you can apply today.

Personalization in B2B and regulated industries

Adobe Target users in B2B or from regulated industries like healthcare and financial services have some additional considerations when it comes to optimization and personalization. These two sessions discuss how Adobe Target pros in those two spaces work with and accommodate those considerations.

S408: Regulated Industry’s Conundrum: Personalizing in an Age of Data Privacy

If you work in personalization in a regulated industry, adhering to data privacy regulations and mandates is a critical aspect of your work. In this session, discover from experts in these industries how they successfully experiment and personalize without crossing those data privacy lines.

S414: Unlocking B2B Personalization: How Adobe + Dun & Bradstreet Teams Do It

Learn how Adobe and Dun & Bradstreet tackle personalizing experiences for business customers using firmographics and intent data, behavioral analytics, and the right technology.

AI innovations in personalization and optimization

At Adobe, we strive to stay out in front of what our customers will need next. That’s why you’ve seen major developments around features for AI. These sessions give a glimpse into our latest developments in AI as well as how those innovations go from idea to the in-product features you use every day.

S415: How Adobe is Innovating with AI to Power Experience Optimization at Scale

Learn how the product management and data science teams for Adobe Target are driving the cutting-edge innovations in machine learning that will change your approach to and execution of experience optimization use cases.

S416: Adobe Research Labs: Innovating Data Science from Concept to Reality

Discover how we at Adobe innovate for AI, including what we’re currently working on in our research labs, examples of how we developed AI features in Adobe Target, and new techniques our research labs are examining that may impact what you see in Adobe Target in the future.

Hands-on labs for practical and technical guidance on using Adobe Target

Don’t forget to look at the Personalization track lab sessions as well. They’re filled with hands-on technical guidance for getting the most from Adobe Target. The titles say it all:

Ready to get that schedule locked down?

I hope this quick rundown of the Personalization track sessions helps you sign up for the sessions that give you the valuable tips and insights to move your optimization and personalization practice full steam ahead.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in a few short weeks — in a Personalization track session or lab, at the Summit Bash, or at any of the many opportunities to meet up with you at Adobe Summit to discuss all things optimization and personalization.

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