Creator’s Horoscope – Pisces, You’re Killing It In Creativity This Year

It’s a BIG year for you, Pisces. It’s time to push your creativity to the forefront.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 03-14-2019

“Be open to change and new energy, Pisces, and in return you’ll receive all the fruits of your labor.”

It’s already a crazy year for you, dear Pisces. Mercury has 3 retrogrades this year – yeah, sounds like a lot – but don’t freak out because by the end you will be rewarded with huge opportunities in your creative wheelhouse.

On March 5th you may have noticed a shift in your process, and this is the perfect time to take risk, after all, you are the luminary of the zodiac signs. (*shhh… don’t tell the others).

You are deeply compassionate and complex, and that truly makes you shine intensely against the rest. Self-expression is embedded in everything you do, and what better way to let it all out than with a paint brush.

It is without a doubt that Pisces are extremely gifted creatures, and to be a successful painter, you need to be just that.

You have the ability to produce work that is both dreamy and emotional, all while breaking boundaries – it’s no wonder you share characteristics with the likes of Pisces Hall of Fame’s Michelangelo and Josef Albers.

Your work can often be identified as expressionism, abstract, political or portrait, due to your sensitive and compassionate nature. You use art to allow space for human reaction, which is becoming harder to achieve in a post-modern era.

Pisces are masterful given the right tools, having the ability to draw inspiration from personal experiences, and others close to them. Don’t let your emotions hold you back, though – your work is certainly affected by the ugliness of the outside world, but your desire to see the good makes for a beautiful piece of art.

Pisces, keep swimming against the tide. As we get closer to the last of Mercury’s cycles, you’ll finally see the recognition you deserved back in 2018. Remember to stay open and switch things up from your old groove – people will eventually open their eyes to your genius.

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