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by Amanda Sanchez

posted on 03-18-2019

Consumers have high expectations for the companies they purchase from. They’re digitally savvy, thus more predisposed to swipe left whenever a brand experience isn’t spot on. In this digital landscape, it’s easier than ever to ignore and dismiss a company that misses the mark.

That isn’t a problem for these three brands — Foxtel, Xero and Kayo Sports — which are all finalists in the Adobe Experience Maker Awards Audience Choice category.

Each of these companies developed dynamic experiences that either drive customer engagement, map customer journeys, or, simply, made it fun to click “Buy Now.” Check out their experiences below and vote for your favorite on Twitter now. The finalist with the most engagements (retweets and likes) will win.

Foxtel: Premium streaming live sports, movies, dramas and TV shows
In the sea of content and content providers, creating loyalty is one of Foxtel’s chief priorities. Foxtel wanted to increase consumers’ moves from awareness to buying to retention by further improving the customer experience. More than just a catalogue of shows, the customer experience had to be highly customizable, and it also had to be replicable across sports, drama, and entertainment categories.

Using Adobe Analytics, Foxtel was able to gather insights from various genres and determine the best strategies for delivering personalized streaming and promotional experiences across multiple devices. From there, the team tapped into Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Creative Cloud to create holistic experiences, aligning consumers to compelling content on the right platform on demand.

Those customized experiences elevated the customer-brand relationship even further. During the campaign, Foxtel saw a 102-percent increase in engagement in the movie lovers category. Additionally, the sports enthusiasts category grew nearly 50 percent and new prospects went up by 76 percent. Understanding the unique journey of each customer and facilitating the right choices along the way dramatically improved results for Foxtel.

Partner: Helium

Xero: Online accounting software and solutions for small businesses
Under the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative, 1.1 million business owners across the UK will be required to keep digital records and submit their value-added tax (VAT) returns online using compatible software. To help business owners learn about MTD, understand their obligations, and choose a tax solution that makes the transition to digital software easy, Xero created an automated journey from initial engagement to paying customer.

Using Adobe Target, Xero built five pretrial homepage experiences, each surfacing at a different time to different visitors depending on their lifecycle, segment, and real-time behavioral signals. These signals fed into Adobe Audience Manager, connecting relevant content to each user on their next visit.

Over the course of three months, this experience reached more than 300,000 users, increased web sign-ups by 4.65 percent, and converted an additional 6 percent of trial customers to paid plans.

Kayo Sports: Live stream sports from all over the world
Kayo sports is a game-changing new sports streaming service that provides a new way for Australian fans to experience sport. Kayo’s leading feature set includes over 50 sports and 30,000 hours of sports video content streamed to a multitude of devices per year. Fans have the ability to watch live, on-demand and catch-up, with up to four games on a single split screen on selected devices, in glorious High Definition, at any time.

To bring this capability to an innovative and crowded video streaming market, a world-class personalised digital experience was required. To deliver a ground-breaking new streaming experience you need the world’s best technical ecosystem–connecting data, content and experience and a world-class support network facilitated via experienced partners.

Kayo selected Accordant as the experienced partner of record and Adobe as the technological solution at the experience delivery layer. Kayo then designed and developed a complex data ecosystem, with Accordant working in partnership to deliver personalised, coherent and connected experiences across all devices and touch points, including: Smart Phone, Smart / Connected TV and desktop, tablet and mobile. Additionally, a digitally led brand launch and customer acquisition strategy was developed and executed across paid media platforms to launch Kayo in market.

By utilising the full capability of the Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud, Kayo and Accordant were able to execute against the ambitious brief and the market responded, with Kayo launching successfully into the market.

Partner: Accordant Isobar

The Audience Choice winner — and finalists from the other seven Adobe Experience Maker Awards categories — will be announced at #AdobeSummit. VOTE NOW through Friday, March 22, for your Audience Choice pick, then check back for a roundup of all winners on Monday, March 25.

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