Introducing the 2019 Adobe Summit Insiders

This year’s Adobe Summit has attracted over 65 influencers from across the globe to cover the event and share their experience. This diverse group includes top executives, industry experts, major media correspondents, contributing journalists and pioneers in technology. They will be giving you inside access and perspective during keynotes, sneaks, parties, and sessions and will be part of our interview team at our new Adobe Broadcast Center!

As you scroll through this list you’ll see some familiar faces and impressive newcomers. Follow their adventures and engage with #AdobeSummit on Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss a beat at the leading digital experience conference of the year!

Abhijit Bhaduri

Amber Osborne

Amy Landino

Ann Handley

Brandon Groce

Brent Peterson

Carla Johnson

Carlos Gil

Cathy Hackl

Cynthia Johnson

David Alger

David Armano

David Rhodes

Deja Foxx

Esabella Strickland

Frank Gruber

Go Ando

Goldie Chan

Guido Jansen

Harmoni Riggins

Ian Gertler

Jason Goldberg

Jay Baer

Jeff Barrett

Jeff Bullas

Joe Martin

John Hall

John Rampton

Jon Ferrara

Jon Russo

Justin Maller

Karen Freberg

Kate O’Neill

Kathleen Hessert

Katie Martell

Kelly Hungerford

Kerry Gorgone

Kuba Zwolinski

Lana McGilvray

Lee Odden

Mack Collier

Madoka Chiyoda

Matt Heinz

Matthew Owen

Mellissah Smith

Michael Brenner

Miguel Balparda

Natsuyo Chinsyo

Nick Jain

Peter Shankman

Phillip Jackson

Rob Schlissel

Robert Weller

Ross Quintana

Sander Mangel

Sarah Evans

Scott Monty

Shiori Inakatsu

Shama Hyder

Sofiya Deva

Steven Cook

TJ Gamble

Vijay Golani

Vincenzo Landino

Winnie Sun

Dalit Saad & Adam Rosenberg (Kvell)