Spring Design Trends from Adobe Stock

Looking for great ways to inspire your creativity in 2019? Adobe Stock templates can help you discover innovative styles and evolving ideas with the latest design trends we’re anticipating for spring. Whether you’re looking to create in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, you can explore these trends to fit your needs.

3 Framed Posters on Peach Wall Mockup by George J

Colour Pop

Bold pops of colour can draw a lot of attention to your designs. We’re seeing artists incorporate bright and robust colours into their work to create maximum visual impact. Colour Pop is also a great theme to play around with ‘90s nostalgia and have fun with vibrant graphics.

Get inspired with these Colour Pop templates.

Gold Theme Mood Board Mockup by More Profesh

New-Century Modern

Clean designs matched with warm, contemporary colours and typefaces give this trend an updated take on a historical design movement. Taking inspiration from Mid-Century Modern principles and motifs, the New-Century Modern aesthetic is a sophisticated way to give a nod to the past. This updated classic has already gain popularity in a variety of mediums such as fashion lookbooks, brochures, and resumes.

Browse through a collection of New-Century Modern templates.

Event Flyer Layout with Colourful Gradient Shapes by blackcatstudio

Futuristic and Abstract

The future is now. Abstract designs bring a dream world to life with bold and interesting applications of colours and textures. The mixtures of colour, tone, feel, and fluidity allow this trend to capture what our minds can imagine. From mockups to flyers, this surreal trend grabs our attention and our curiosity for the unknown.

Take your work to the next level with these Futuristic and Abstract templates.

Poster Layout with Abstract Elements by Amber Graphics

Geometric and Organic

While geometric designs have been popular for many years, we’re now seeing an evolution towards natural and hand-drawn shapes. The juxtaposition of geometric and organic elements tie into themes of wellness and spirituality that people are seeking in the digital realm today. Deconstructed forms and illustrative elements have been appearing on a variety of assets, from business cards to social media graphics, and more.

Dive into our collection of Geometric and Organic templates.

Motivated to create

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