Adobe Celebrates Boldest B2B Marketers with 2019 Marketo Revvie Award Finalists

by Amanda Sanchez

posted on 03-22-2019

With Adobe Summit 2019 quickly approaching, we’re excited to share the finalists of the 2019 Marketo Revvie Awards. Each year, the Revvie Awards recognize B2B marketers who are using Marketo Engagement Platform to drive significant business impact and growth.

In its ninth year, the customer submissions for the Revvies were more competitive than ever. Nominees tested new technologies to align sales and marketing, experimented using new channels, and inspired their teams to think bigger and bolder to exceed their goals. We’re excited to recognize marketers and organizations across ten categories as they continue to drive engagement and impact for their organizations.

Also, for the first time, the award recipients will be recognized at the 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards ceremony at Adobe Summit 2019. The Experience Maker Awards represent the most creative and committed customer experience-focused teams that truly moved the needle for their organizations. See the full list of finalists here.

This year’s Revvie Awards finalists include:

Marketing Team of the Year


This past year was one of transformation and growth for CenturyLink. The team implemented Marketo for three business units and transitioned to Marketo Sales Engage to achieve better engagement. CenturyLink saw substantial results, including $1.1 million in closed-won incremental marketing revenue contributions and an annualized marketing revenue impact of about $10 million.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks thinks about the prospect-to-customer experience as an opportunity to delight and inform every step of the way. The company is on the cutting edge of bringing AI into the realm of the marketer. Launching Marketo in record time, the team supported 100 marketers in more than 12 languages and became a critical pillar in helping their company achieve a 29 percent year-over-year increase in revenue in 2018.

Premera Blue Cross

In an industry that typically lags when it comes to digital marketing, Premera Blue Cross (Premera) has pushed to redefine the way they market to their audience using Marketo. Premera and its subsidiaries were able to achieve 159 percent of their 2019 open enrollment acquisition goal and meet 72 percent of their annual membership activation goal in the first three months of their campaign launch.

Marketer of the Year

Brooke Bartos – Walker Sands Communications

Brooke’s responsibilities last year grew from managing a single instance of Marketo to becoming the sole administrator and power user on multiple global instances. Brooke’s Marketo expertise and ability to tailor fit an instance to a specific enterprise’s needs and goals was the catalyst to Walker Sands’ massive growth last year. Her efforts contributed to $1.8 million in potential revenue generated from 37 sales opportunities in just four months.

Kimi Corrigan – Duo Security at Cisco

Kimi is a longtime Marketo user who has grown from a marketing coordinator to the head of marketing operations for Duo at Cisco, a company that reached unicorn status with a $1.1 billion valuation and was one of the largest startup acquisitions in the country in 2018. With Kimi’s work, the company doubled its team and tripled its annual recurring revenue.

Joe Reitz – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In his current role, Joe leads close to 1,000 marketers across AWS. In 2018, Joe and his team increased marketing-influenced pipeline by 6x from the previous year, and more than doubled marketing-influenced revenue. He is a results-driven, data-oriented technical expert that has proven himself as a marketing leader throughout the industry.

Marketing Executive of the Year

Erik Bower, Vice President of Global Marketing Operations – Palo Alto Networks

As the vice president of global marketing operations at Palo Alto Networks based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Erik is known for leading supercharged teams to new heights. His innovative approach to growth marketing combined with predictive and prescriptive data science and marketing automation to transform the company’s demand generation into an industry-leading powerhouse. This contributed to $2.3 billion in revenue in 2018 – a 29 percent year-over-year increase. The marketing operations team at Palo Alto Networks uses a suite of Adobe and Marketo solutions to deliver real-time multi-channel predictive demand generation, a trend that they pioneered as far back as five years.

Miles Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer – OneLogin

As the chief marketing officer at OneLogin in San Francisco, Miles transformed the marketing organization, improving focus and targeting precision in addition to establishing a predictable demand model. He met aggressive revenue goals in 2018, doubling revenue year over year, and exceeded overall marketing sourced pipeline goals while increasing average deal size by 30 percent. Miles also spearheaded an effort to support hyper-growth and tighter sales and marketing alignment.

Glenn Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer – GE Healthcare

As the chief marketing officer at GE Healthcare, a leading healthcare technology and services company headquartered in Chicago, Glenn led the transformation of marketing from being perceived as a “soft function” to being recognized as a strategic and commercial growth engine. Marketing now is a core driver of revenue and margin growth and has a strong alignment with sales and commercial operations. Glenn championed a data-driven approach that improved the quality and consistency of data to empower marketers by significantly increasing GE Healthcare’s “digitally addressable” market. He led the global digital transformation effort, with Marketo at its core, including the creation of digital and revenue marketing centers of excellence that helped drive more than $1 billion in pipeline opportunities in 2018.

The Fearless Marketer

Matt Gomez, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations – Walden University

Matt Gomez and the Walden University team have created cutting edge processes that push Marketo to the limits of its native capabilities. Using Launchpoint app partners and relying on an agile development and automation-first approach, the team has implemented a solution that directly improves how we capture inquiries from potential students and drive quality and actionability across the full lifecycle. Results include significant CPL efficiencies, as well as a 400-percent increase in identification of known website users, which allows for Walden to personalize content to its potential and current students.

Euan Howden, Director of Student Acquisition – Education New Zealand

Euan is a change agent inside Education New Zealand who pushed for a complete digital transformation, shifting from a promotions-based agency to a strategic data-driven marketing business. When Education New Zealand wanted to develop a program to drive international students to the institution, they turned to Marketo. Using the power of Marketo to build a personalized digital experience, Education New Zealand drove 110,000 leads in six months and delivered more than NZ $60 million in student value to the New Zealand economy at the cost of just NZ $4.01 million.

Lucy Alligan, Director of Sales Enablement, Global Marketing Automation – State Street Global Advisors

Lucy is the director of sales enablement and global marketing automation for State Street Global Advisors based in London. Lucy was the driver behind senior stakeholder buy-in and alignment across the globe while challenging existing internal compliance, budgeting, and resource practices. She led the global transformation of engagement marketing and implementation of Marketo, moving from six different email marketing tools into one optimized system. Lucy’s efforts transformed the marketing team from a cost center to a key driver of revenue growth.

The Performer

Maxar Technologies

In 2018, MDA corporation acquired DigitalGlobe, creating Maxar, a space technology company, and with it a larger family of products and business lines. Maxar leveraged Marketo to increase their marketable database by more than 20 percent in 2018. It was also used to grow the number of campaigns and landing pages by nearly 200 percent year over year. The past year has been a significant growth year for the use of Marketo throughout the Maxar family.

Windstream Enterprise

Using Marketo, Windstream Enterprise developed a completely automated demand generation engine capable of executing multiple personalized campaigns concurrently. What started as two campaigns with a total of nine emails now controls the deployment of more than 90 emails across six campaigns. Since its launch, the campaign nurture architecture has delivered steady, positive results to overall email and website engagement.


Honeywell faced a challenge familiar to many B2B marketers: one-off, batch and blast emails with inconsistent branding and messaging that weren’t delivering results. They knew they needed to evolve quickly. With an engagement-first mindset, they shifted their focus from volume to value, leveraging segmentation and a multi-channel campaign approach. They tripled their annual lead volume, and the number of customers opting in to engage with their content skyrocketed, resulting in $1 billion in the pipeline.

The Transformer

Pelco by Schneider Electric

After moving to Marketo from a different marketing automation platform, the team at Pelco by Schneider Electric saw immediate results. Their email performance nearly doubled, lead generation nearly tripled, and the sales team reported a major improvement in lead quality.

Additionally, the team saw a 99.5 percent increase in marketing ROI compared to the previous year.


PIMCO has aggressive plans for the firm’s digital transformation. To do that, they are investing strategically across the firm , focusing on infrastructure and emerging technology, tech hires in Austin Texas and new MarTech platforms like Marketo. Marketo was selected to help build a lead and automation program to complement their sales structures and help improve the way they engage with clients globally. This transformation has enabled PIMCO Marketing to partner with the firm’s sales teams to co-create campaigns, determine triggers, offer real-time alerts as well as highly personalized content to potential clients. A key initial win came from Marketing and Sales partnering to support a new fund launch resulting in more than $800M raised in 30 days.


When beginning its marketing automation journey, Trimble had about 15 different marketing automation platforms in addition to countless applications and other martech solutions in use. After streamlining operations using Marketo, the team was able to reduce their martech investment by $400,000 while achieving better results, including moving from 25 to eight lead stages and from more than 112 lead sources to 25.

The Dream Team


The marketing team at GreenSky was facing a significant lead leakage challenge – it was taking over a month for sales to follow up with leads. They moved from a manual lead assignment process to a round-robin approach, powered by Marketo, and reduced the average lead conversion time to just three days. The team launched a personalized campaign to engage the leads that were previously left behind, resulting in over $5 million in value to the business. Based on this transformation, GreenSky’s marketing team has forged a true partnership with sales and now has a seat at the revenue table.


OneLogin started 2018 with a mandate to reach enterprise-level customers and expand globally. To execute on this strategy, they knew they needed to build a true sales and marketing partnership. They aligned incentives to mutually agreed-upon goals, established a bulletproof account-based marketing strategy, and provided sales with powerful content to engage their prospects. Together, OneLogin’s sales and marketing teams doubled the company’s revenue year over year, and their partnership has never been stronger.


Concentrix moved from outdated, broken processes to a streamlined modern marketing machine, driving greater alignment between their sales and marketing teams. Through building this partnership, marketing has seen a significant increase in internal engagement from sales. Sales and marketing partnered to clean and expand their marketable database by 8x, and together delivered over $68 million of pipeline and closed-won deals.

The Orchestrator

S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P created and implemented an onboarding program, Jumpstart. for new customers using Marketo as the hub in a cross-channel approach that included email, landing pages, in-product promotions, and phone calls. The program was localized in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Achievements from this program include more than 10,000 views of the microsite, with new users now actively engaged in the program.

Helix Education

Helix Education partners with higher education institutions to drive enrollment growth. The organization used Marketo as the hub of a nine-channel marketing plan, including emails sent through Marketo, emails sent by individuals, microsites, unique landing pages, Marketo forms, phone calls, texts, paid online advertising, and direct mail. Using Marketo, Helix realized significant increases in funnel conversion rates and year-over-year lift in enrollment.

Marketo Champion of the Year

Darrell Alfonso – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Darrell Alfonso is the marketing manager for the marketing platform operation for AWS in Seattle, Washington. He served on the Champion Leadership Committee and is an official advocacy ambassador. Darrell has created several videos sharing tips and tricks and how to get the most out of Marketo’s online community. He has helped dozens of fellow marketers use Marketo and is a top Twitter influencer for Marketo, with over 14,000 followers in the martech space.

Juli James – St. Edward’s University

An assistant professor of marketing at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Juli is vice president of the Champion Leadership Committee. Among her many accomplishments, she introduced multiple new customers to Marketo’s customer advocacy program, participated in the Marketo customer mentor program pilot, and is a Fearless Forum contributor. Two hundred students were taught and trained about Marketo and marketing automation by Juli — many of whom have gone on to work in Marketo-specific roles. She is a Marketo certified expert (MCE) and was named a member of Marketo’s inaugural class of Fearless 50 marketers.

Chelsea Kiko – Hileman Group

As the marketing automation lead at the Hileman Group in Cleveland, Chelsea has created Champion Tips and Tricks videos, led and discussed Marketo on reference calls, provided quotes for the in-product guides, and participated in the beta release of Marketo’s new user experience, Marketo Sky. Chelsea leads the Cleveland Marketo User Group (MUG) and has driven stronger attendance in 2018. Chelsea was elected to the first Champion Leadership Committee as MUG Ambassador North America.

Marketo User Group Leader of the Year

Jess Kao – Digital Pi

As the director of client services at Digital Pi in Dallas, Jess has been a MUG member for eight and a half years — and a leader for three. She speaks at her own MUG meetings and produces original content while also traveling to other MUG meetings to foster a sense of community and best-practice sharing. Jess supports other MUG leaders with their own careers, and collaborates with Marketo to improve their customer advocacy programs.

Trent Cross, Solomon Solution and Andrew Parker, FamilySearch

Trent Cross is a senior consultant at Solomon Solution, and Andrew Parker is a project manager at FamilySearch. Both are based in the greater Salt Lake City area. In 2018, Trent and Andrew planned, managed, and drove the Marketo Salt Lake City Roadshow, where they had over 230 registrations and over 150 attendees working with 12 sponsors to fund the event. They have also launched an MCE prep study group with over 60 participants.

Taishi Yamada – Trend Micro

As the marketing specialist at Trend Micro in Tokyo, Japan, Taishi leads the largest MUG in the world, with 1,958 members, and is a prolific contributor to Marketo’s online community. He has held multiple webinars for Japan MUG members and was involved in driving close to 300 attendees to the JMUG Conference in Tokyo. Taishi actively coordinates nine working groups dedicated to specific topics, including beginners, CRM integration, funnel management, and much more.

Stay tuned for the 2019 Marketo Revvie Award and Adobe Experience Maker Award winners.

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