Get Ready to Build Better Data-driven Experiences at Adobe Summit

With Adobe Experience Platform, businesses can deliver the ultimate customer experiences.

by Scott Christofferson

posted on 03-22-2019

Tracy has to travel to Melbourne for a conference but decides to take a few days off before the event so she can meet her close friend in the city and take in a few sights before diving into work. She checks flight availability but eventually abandons the process, figuring she’ll return to it later.

Hours later, Tracy finds a notification for her go-to airline on her Twitter feed, and she completes the booking on her smartphone. Once Tracy lands, the airline sends a text notification welcoming her to the city and setting her up with a car and dinner options. It was a totally frictionless experience that put Tracy’s comfort and convenience front and center.

Unifying customer data

Understanding how to execute each stage of this experience delivery is a crucial currency for brands — and these insights will be front and center during the Platform, Machine Learning & Ecosystem track at Adobe Summit.

At Summit, attendees will learn how to aggregate disparate data, unify it to create a single customer profile, apply critical context, and automate tasks associated with experience delivery. Hear firsthand from industry leaders and innovators and gain valuable insights on how to use Experience Platform to do — and deliver — more. Sessions include:

These sessions, though, are just the beginning. Check out the full lineup of sessions and build your own Summit schedule.

The experience-driven future is here

Adobe Summit 2019 shines a very bright light on the big picture, offering take-home strategies and simple solutions for building — and maintaining — your competitive advantage. Through example-driven sessions you’ll learn how to overcome complex business challenges and drive greater results for your organization.

Customers like Tracy abound. It’s up to enterprises to understand her behaviors and deliver the right experiences in real time, experiences that will win enduring loyalty — and drive sales. Adobe Summit delivers by sharing strategies, know-how, and best practices for crafting outstanding customer experiences.

Be sure to check out the complete list of Platform, Machine Learning & Ecosystem sessions at Adobe Summit. Catch Adobe Summit keynotes live with Summit Online.

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