Old Navy’s Push to Increase Creative Agility

Creative professionals can work magic—producing brilliant, eye-catching designs and powerful images that have a real impact on revenue. Too often, though, their creativity is disrupted by mundane tasks. Every time creatives need to switch between tools, search for files, wait for a download, convert file formats, or email or upload an asset, they lose valuable time and focus.

This can cause problems in any industry but is especially problematic for retailers focused on Customer Experience Management (CXM) where the demand for creative content is relentless and time to market is crucial. Fast fashion and rapid-fire campaigns put increasing pressure on creative teams to produce assets quickly as they prepare for the launch of a new spring clothing line or a Black Friday promotion.

At Old Navy, creative teams deliver many unique images to marketers every season, so it’s imperative for the leading clothing and accessories retailing company to have streamlined content delivery and the most efficient creative workflows.

“We want creatives to have time to do more of what they love,” explains Jason Wynne, Manager, Global Digital Assets at Old Navy.

How Old Navy creatives are finding their flow

Designers and production artists at Old Navy are big fans of Adobe Creative Cloud – whether it’s to retouch images in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, or leveraging InDesign for layout design

“Our creative team loves Adobe Creative Cloud. Everything can be shared and distributed from one place and we appreciate the efficiencies that come from working in one, collaborative tool,” says Jason Wynne, Manager, Global Digital Assets at Old Navy. “By bringing Adobe Asset Link into the picture, they can seamlessly manage the content workflow between Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager Assets from the tools they’re familiar with.”

Wynne estimates that every month hundreds of digital images, including high-resolution images for print are retouched, which can be up to 200MB per file. Preparing final files involved a lot of time-consuming downloads and uploads—until they started storing and accessing the photos in Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

In effect, Old Navy has improved creative efficiency between its creative and marketing teams, allowing content to flow more freely. That means even faster content delivery and greater speed to market in a retail industry that just keeps accelerating.

Old Navy uses Adobe Experience Cloud and its digital asset management solutions to enable creative agility to become a Customer Experience Management company. Learn more here.