3 New Ways to Get Empowered with Adobe Experience Cloud

Get more value from Adobe Experience Cloud with personalized success plans built for your organization.

by Erica Fensom

posted on 03-26-2019

Companies are chomping at the bit to develop dynamic customer experiences that spur trust, loyalty, revenues, and competitive advantage. Getting to the top of your CX game may require changes to your company’s organizational structure and even its culture to ensure you are delivering compelling, relevant experiences at each step of the customer journey. This is all part of a comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CXM) transformation — and let’s be honest, it’s complex.

To bolster critical CXM efforts, Adobe is introducing three new services that will help companies get the most from Adobe Experience Cloud. These services will enhance support programs available to Experience Cloud customers, boost employee learning, and accelerate the digital transformation your company needs to produce successful customer experiences.

Guiding you to digital maturity: Digital Acceleration

To provide the best possible customer experiences, a company needs a deep understanding of its own digital capabilities, how its digital strategy is aligning to technology performance, as well as how customers are currently engaging with these experiences. Our Digital Acceleration offering, uses a rigorous, data-driven methodology of assessments and competitive benchmarking to guide your company’s journey from digital adoption to digital maturity.

Studies indicate that many, if not most, companies need improvement in these areas. For example, Adobe has developed proprietary research based in part on anonymous, aggregated data from more than 5,000 companies worldwide that use Adobe Experience Cloud. It shows that companies urgently need to create customer-first experiences to compete.

However, companies often cling to traditional approaches rather than build and activate the new capabilities they need. Typically, the result is one-off initiatives in separate units that don’t make a big impact across the enterprise.

Digital Acceleration is a modern approach to helping companies create the right CXM strategy. It determines how a company is performing on digital KPIs relative to its industry, how customers are engaging with its digital properties, and how mature the company’s data, people, and organizational processes are.

Mid- and senior-level managers can use the Digital Acceleration service to assess the performance of teams and processes. The insights and hard data can help an organization break down organizational silos that drag down the customer experience.

Managers can see the current state of their digital capabilities, identify barriers to success and prioritize next steps. For example, the assessment might determine a team is performing at a high level in “data-driven decision making,” yet is not as proficient when it comes to “data democratization.”

The Digital Acceleration service will provide suggestions for remedying the issue. This could include reviewing the data needs of various users to ensure the data strategy is aligned, as well as scheduling regular reports to those.

Such steps can set a company off on a journey to develop the solutions and capabilities that create game-changing customer experiences.

Empowering your team’s digital journey: Adobe Experience League

Having the proper tools in place to support digital transformation is key, but equally important is ensuring employees are using those tools in a way that empowers them to propel the business forward.

Adobe Experience League is an enablement program with guided learning, one-to-one expert support, and a thriving community of fellow professionals designed to help a company get the most out of its Adobe Experience Cloud investment.

The program emphasizes continuous learning. Employees are guided through individualized learning paths aligned with their areas of interest, current product use, and their company’s learning focus. This approach blends the right balance of digital and face-to-face community experiences, such as user groups, learning days, and complete courses. It also recommends additional in-depth learning options, such as instructor-led classes and customized learning services in partnership with the Adobe Learning Services team.

In addition, Experience League’s streamlined guidance includes advanced search capabilities. Employees can easily discover materials such as instructional implementation guides and hands-on labs. Learners can also find pertinent replays from customer conferences that give insights on how other companies are making best use of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Gamification is built into Experience League. Employees can get rewarded and recognized for completing learning and attending events that expand their digital experience skills. As a result, front-line people feel empowered, and develop a powerful emotional connection to how their individual progress is helping the company.

Experience League tracks progress, including across regions or groups, so companies can see how everyone in the organization is advancing, ensuring that people are growing in alignment with the company’s needs.

We know the digital experience a company offers is paramount for differentiating it from the competition. So, the program also incorporates real-time product use to deliver the learning content most helpful for individuals and teams to maximize the impact of the experiences they create using Adobe Experience Cloud.

Faster, more personal support: Premier Support

As mentioned above, rolling out a CXM strategy isn’t easy, and your company will need support that is characterized as a top-level experience itself — such as rapid response and a personal touch. Premier Support helps customers maintain a high performing CXM system and realize maximum value from Adobe Experience Cloud.

First, Premier Support offers a high level of personalization. Customers work with designated points of contact who are intimately familiar with their business and platform.

The service also provides faster response times and proactive steps to resolve downstream issues and reduce operational costs. Customers receive bi-weekly check-ins and technology suggestions. With included Field Services, a dedicated support team can allocate resources quickly and address minor issues without the delay of going through budget approval.

Premier Support can also support many of the key elements that shape the experience you are providing to your customers. For example, perhaps Black Friday is an important inflection point for your company that you feel dictates how your customers will engage with you on other big sales days. Premier Support provides readiness support for such key occasions.

Forging a dynamic customer experience requires a company to be vigilant in learning, growth, and acceleration. Our three new Adobe services can create personalized success plans built for your organization, including assessments, guidance, and strategic planning across digital performance, customer experience, and digital capabilities.

The new services enhance every experience – from your interaction with us, to the experiences you deliver to your customers – to keep you ahead of an ever-more-competitive marketplace.

Learn more about these new customer solutions and guided learnings.

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