Taking Paid Search Performance to the Next Level with Adobe Advertising Cloud Search

Last year, Adobe introduced its next-generation Advertising Cloud Search platform featuring unique data access, artificial intelligence (AI), and easy-to-use workflows. This year, we are taking Advertising Cloud Search one step further with a major update that extends the power and value of Performance Optimization, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine-learning technology.

Over the past few years, the major search engines have released significant updates to their optimization technology, all claiming to have superior algorithms that can drive better performance. As a result of these improvements, search marketers are left to make a choice about how they drive the best possible performance for their search marketing investments. Best performance may mean they need to manage performance across different platforms, but that is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Search solves these advertiser challenges

To resolve this dilemma, we enhanced Advertising Cloud Search Performance Optimization to be inclusive of multiple search engine bidding strategies.­ Advertising Cloud Search’s AI-powered bidding technology has a long history of delivering significant value for advertisers. (See the value Crocs highlighted in a recent blog: AI – A Game Changer for Paid Search?) In order to ensure we continue to lead the industry, Performance Optimization is now more comprehensive, supporting the management of multiple publisher bidding technologies. This innovation evaluates search marketing results and distributes media investment across campaigns using different bidding technologies to automatically optimize return on investment.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Search is the first in the industry to offer a hybrid bid optimization approach across search engines and bidding tactics. Google Smart Bidding is the first publisher integration supported by the enhanced capabilities in Performance Optimization. Search marketers can now manage and optimize across keyword CPC, tCPA, and tROAS bidding tactics within the Advertising Cloud Search platform, and they have transparency into which optimization settings are delivering the best performance outcomes.

Performance Optimization evaluates results against advertiser goals and distributes media investment across the campaigns and bidding tactics to increase paid search performance.

With the latest enhancements to Advertising Cloud Search Performance Optimization, search marketers save time by using one platform to manage and optimize across bidding technologies and search engines. They can be confident that they are driving the best possible performance, regardless of bidding tactic, with reporting insights to analyze performance — all in one platform.

Learn more about performance optimization here.