TiVo Connects with Consumers to Lead the Future of TV

by Errol Denger

posted on 03-28-2019

TV viewers today have a virtual smorgasbord of entertainment options—from cable and satellite services to connected TVs, streaming devices, and video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The space is crowded and competitive, and providers face a constant threat of new options entering the market as people’s preferences shift.

With change being the only constant in viewing options today, device manufacturers have to pay close attention to what people watch, how they consume content, and also how they – as a brand – interact with customers to drive shopper loyalty. In a nutshell, they must go “all in” on Customer Experience Management (CXM). Video companies that succeed in CXM will undoubtedly define the future of television.

It’s an exciting opportunity for TiVo, one of the original disruptors in the space. Celebrating 20 years since its first digital video recorder shipped in March 1999, the company now has a renewed focus on growing its consumer business and rising above the competition, all by becoming more agile, particularly across its website and digital storefront.

How TiVo is increasing speed to market

Marketing agility is essential as TiVo stakes its claim in pay TV. Ted Malone, VP of Consumer Products and Services at TiVo, explains the technology-first approach at the center of this customer-centric business transformation:

“We use Adobe Experience Manager for web content management—it’s the best tool available for the types of digital experiences we want to create,” says Malone. “As we started to look at options for retooling our e-commerce platform, what really stood out about Adobe was the fact that Magento Commerce (part of Adobe Commerce Cloud) and Experience Manager were so closely tied together.”

Integrating Experience Manager a few years ago was a major milestone for TiVo, enabling the marketing team to deploy new and differentiated campaigns; build a seamless customer journey across its commerce platform; run A/B tests; and open the door to delivering more personalized content.

TiVo’s aim is now to take that agility to new levels with Adobe Commerce Cloud, which will help the company rapidly expand how it markets its product and service offerings.

“For us, it’s all about speed and customization today. We want to be able to offer the best customized bundles with various pricing options depending on each individual customer’s need. By using Experience Manager and Magento Commerce, we’re now able to launch a new, targeted pricing campaign in a day – a process that would have taken us two to four weeks on our legacy system,” says Malone.

Why customer experience matters

As TiVo increases its investment in one of the key pillars for the company, the goal now is to remove any friction between the company and its customers, and the key to doing that is through CXM.

“Whether we’re selling to businesses or consumers, the big factor driving a purchase is the customer experience, which extends far beyond a single transaction,” explains Malone. “Adobe Experience Cloud solutions are the key to understanding what consumers want and delivering the products and services they need—establishing a relationship from the moment they start shopping, to purchase and beyond.”

TiVo is using Adobe Experience Cloud and its integrated content management, analytics, personalization,and e-commerce solutions to become a true Customer Experience Management company. Learn more here.

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