Adobe Uses Experience Fragments to Launch Digital Experiences 10X Faster

Image source: Adobe Stock.

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 04-01-2019

Achieving faster business results is a continuing challenge for organizations. At Adobe, it’s a question we asked ourselves with particular urgency more than a year ago, kicking off a project that ultimately empowered marketing teams to deploy digital experiences 10 times faster.

It all started with the 2017 Adobe MAX conference. In the weeks leading up to the event, the marketing team prepared to make seemingly minor changes to As it turned out, the changes would take six weeks to move through IT—more time than we could afford.

In the end, the home page deployed on time, but it was a wake-up call for both marketing and IT. Fortunately, our IT teams are always up for a challenge. They seized the opportunity to innovate using some of the newer features in Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Experience Manager supports several domains, including, Adobe Help Center, our partner portals, and our intranet, Inside Adobe. The IT team’s idea was to create a shared code base, so every time developers deliver new functionality to one domain, other domains can tap into it as well. This cut down on redundant work and made the team more efficient.

Even better, IT bundled up much of the functionality into Experience Fragments available in Adobe Experience Manager, enabling marketing teams to build, test, and deploy digital experiences themselves. Now marketers can spin up a new campaign in days rather than weeks or months—quickly deploying a seamless experience across web, mobile, social media, and email.

In addition, what started with a need for speed has opened exciting new possibilities for personalization. Integration between Experience Fragments and Adobe Target means marketing teams have new powers to test and optimize digital experiences. We’ve already seen 15% higher click-through rates on key pages and 30% more online orders from personalized experiences versus default pages.

We’re now eager to share our success with Adobe customers needing even greater speed, efficiency, and personalization.

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