Introducing Smells for Adobe Capture

Image souce: Adobe Stock / goanovi.

Do you long to share your favorite scents with friends and colleagues? Collect moments in time to experience over and over again through your nostrils? Enhance your designs with a tantalizing fragrance?

It’s well-known that smells can trigger memories for individuals, transporting them back in time to a delicious meal with family or a special day with a significant other. What if designers had the ability to spark a memory through the smell of a particular ad or logo? A scent could engage a customer before they’ve even looked at a design.

All of this can now be a reality in the April release of Adobe Capture.

Using Adobe Scent-sei technology, we’ve isolated the smells of thousands of objects for use as design assets. With the power of Capture, you’ll have limitless opportunity to gather all kinds of scents on the go with your mobile device.

Simply open the Capture app, tap the “Smells” module, and center your object in the camera frame. Adjust the slider to control the intensity of the fragrance. Tap the center button and Capture will analyze the object to find the most accurate scent. You can preview the scent on the latest mobile devices by sniffing the charging port. Tap Save when you’re satisfied with your smell.

Your captured smells will automatically upload to your Adobe Library — open them up in any app that offers smell support. Place them in your latest project to entice your audience with a brand-new sensation.

What kinds of scents will you use to create with? Download Adobe Capture today to start collecting assets for all your latest projects.