Cylance Drives Growth with a Website that Makes a Strong First Impression

Image source: Cylance

by Sarah Chang

posted on 04-02-2019

Vigilance is in Cylance’s DNA. Its AI technology predicts and prevents potential cyberattacks, often years before they appear in public. The company now brings that same sense of urgency and forethought to its website—ground zero for lead generation and brand awareness.

As a relative newcomer in the cybersecurity market, and with 70% of its online traffic coming from new visitors, Cylance knew it needed to revamp its website with a focus on driving business growth. Built on Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target, the new website has more consistent branding, a responsive design, and the seeds of a personalized experience that leads visitors down a smooth path toward further engagement.

The transformation is paying off. Mobile visits are up 36%. According to Cylance Program Manager Nathan Zahn, “With Adobe Experience Manager, we’ve seen a 22% increase in the time visitors spend on the website. There has also been a 2% drop in bounce rates, which is a key metric for us—and every little bit counts.”

The work that goes into the website has undergone a transformation as well. Instead of waiting six weeks to launch a new page or lead form, the marketing team can deploy in hours thanks to reusable, drag-and-drop elements. Assets such as videos, infographics, and white papers are easy to manage and deploy. The team also has clear visibility into how visitors experience the site, with the ability to test different approaches to lead forms and other crucial touch points in the customer journey.

By making the most of customers’ initial interactions on its website, Cylance is seizing the opportunity to make a great first impression and present its technological expertise and innovation.

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