Three Ways Adobe Document Cloud Empowers Serial Entrepreneurs

by Everette Taylor

posted on 04-02-2019

The most common question I receive living in Los Angeles is “What do you do?”

If I oblige to answering this question, I tell them about being a serial entrepreneur juggling six different brands here in downtown Los Angeles. Without fail, the next question is the same – with some variation in language of course – “How do you do it?”

There is no doubt that having a strong team of talented people helps in getting it all done. As a busy entrepreneur, I have learned that delegation is key.

But another big part of what makes talented people successful is the technology that makes life easier by optimizing processes and saving time. I doubt during the pre-internet days that I would have been able to juggle as much as I do, but products like Adobe Document Cloud have made it possible. I’m not sure who came up with the quote, “work smarter, not harder,” but I bet they would have loved Adobe Sign, Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat.

So without further ado, I want to share three ways Adobe Document Cloud empowers serial entrepreneurs like myself.

Making signing contracts less of a headache

There’s nothing that makes me more thankful to be living in the year 2019 than air conditioning, on-demand food and e-signatures. I don’t even want to think about a time before any of these existed. E-signatures in particular have been extremely valuable to my businesses.

Two words: Adobe Sign.

Three more words: Thank me later.

Prior to discovering Adobe Sign, I would have to print out contracts, sign each copy, scan them, email them back to myself and then finally email them to the recipient.

Whew, still with me?

It would be even worse if I was out of town or out of the office. I would have to find a local place to do all the above.

With Adobe Sign, I can send contracts for signature simply by sharing the document directly to the signer’s email address. I’m then notified as soon as it is signed with an archived secure copy of the document.

Recruiting talent and on-boarding new employees

Hiring top talent is one of the most important parts of building a business, and also one of the most time-consuming. It’s critical to ensure that potential new team members understand the expectations of the company and the role, as well as the mission of the brand. Being able to digitize the recruitment and on-boarding process has been invaluable.

During the recruitment process, I can send documents like job descriptions, engineering assessment tests, official job offers and employment and equity contracts. All documents can be quickly and digitally e-signed with Adobe Sign while complying with strict security standards.

Potential prospects often send their resume and cover letter to the company in PDF format. My team and I can then use the Review feature in Acrobat Pro DC to compile our feedback on potential employees through real-time commenting within the documents.

Lastly, when I’m out and about meeting prospective employees, I can easily store business cards I receive in my phone. How do I do this? With the free Adobe Scan mobile app, I take a picture of the card, and am automatically prompted to add the information to a new contact.

Encouraging collaboration between teams

Building a company is a team sport. Good ideas come from everywhere, so facilitating ideation and collaboration within my company has been instrumental to our success. Acrobat Pro DC has been the perfect solution.

Acrobat allows our team to easily and securely share documents through the entire company but also gives us the option to protect the document or redact portions of the content if we are sharing confidential materials. Acrobat’s Review service allows us to collect feedback from multiple people in real time, and the audit trail lets us know who still needs to contribute. We also use the Edit PDF tool to quickly edit and update PDF files if changes need to be made.

Adobe Document Cloud lightens my workload so I can focus on running my businesses. Serial entrepreneurship is difficult, but Adobe Document Cloud has made life a little bit easier for me.

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