Adobe Keeps Employees Connected with an Intranet Built on Adobe Experience Cloud

Image source: Adobe Stock.

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 04-08-2019

It’s rewarding to work for a company that invests in the employee experience.

At Adobe, an important part of the employee experience is our award-winning intranet, Inside Adobe_,_ which keeps 20,000 employees worldwide connected with the larger mission. It’s earned a 94 percent satisfaction rating by putting employees at the center of the experience.

Inside Adobe is where we go for all the latest news and events, corporate policies, benefits information, and IT help. The site is smart enough to serve up personalized content for each of us—think local office news, volunteer opportunities, departmental announcements, and professional resources.

But the best part is that Inside Adobe is built on Adobe Experience Cloud, so we can experience our own technology firsthand. As a result, many employees have become expert users of Adobe tools, and not just on the intranet team. Across departments, people are publishing their own content using branded, pre-built templates in Adobe Experience Manager and sending out email newsletters through Adobe Campaign. They can even push content to digital displays in hallways, break rooms, and cafes.

For the team that builds and manages Inside Adobe_,_ it’s exciting to have access to behavioral data through Adobe Analytics. The team is paying close attention to how employees use the site and how we prefer to consume information based on our page views, likes, shares, comments, email open rates, and click-through rates.

This continuous learning process is great news for the rest of us—Adobe employees who benefit from ongoing improvements to digital experiences we rely on daily. It shows that Adobe is committed to working as hard for us as we do for the company.

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