Partner Solutions Add Value to Workflow Efficiencies… Allowing You to Do What You Love

Adobe Partners at NAB 2019.

by Sue Skidmore

posted on 04-08-2019

Adobe’s robust Video & Audio Partner Community has always been a source of pride for Adobe and it continues to grow and gain momentum here at NAB 2019. Adobe’s technology partners continue to amaze us by delivering new tools and solutions that add value and increase production efficiencies in Adobe workflows … allowing our customers to do what they love.

With over 115 partners on the show floor this year, you’ll find solutions for Adobe creative tools everywhere you look. Whether it’s a new panel integration from a Media Asset Management company, an award-winning eGPU expansion chassis with powerful GPUs, AI-powered captioning tools, or collaborative cloud-based editing solutions, there is a ton of new technology available for Adobe customers in every hall. It’s my pleasure to highlight some of the most interesting new technologies in this post as well as in our ever-growing Video & Audio Partner Finder Microsite: You’ll see new solutions built with AI powered features for intelligent metadata tagging and Speech-to-Text, new integrated panels, collaborative applications for on premise and cloud deployments, life-cycle management and asset organizing.

Several of our Media Asset Management partners are announcing new integrations for Adobe apps at the show such as the new Audition panel from Dalet (booth #SL660). Dalet’s Galaxy five and Adobe Audition enable seamless audio production collaboration across the media enterprise. The release of this new integration connects professional audio production to the main content value chain. Adobe Audition offers a comprehensive professional toolset for mixing and editing audio for video, broadcast, and podcast content. Dalet will also debut a new remote editing framework for news, sports and reality TV (runs on AWS) with native support for Premiere Pro. Cantemo (booth # SL6021) is also showcasing a new integration for Adobe Premiere Pro with Iconik, a hybrid cloud platform. Evolphin (booth # SL10227) will be showcasing their panel integrations for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe InCopy. You can hear more about Evolphin’s workflow solutions in the Adobe Theater presentation: Creating Agility: Digital Acceleration in Public Broadcasting with Roger Chiang from KQED. Automate-IT (booth SL6022) focuses on offering streamlined production solutions to optimize and modernize Adobe based video and graphics workflows with “factory v2.5”. Empress (booth#SL10224) will be highlighting their extensive integrations which run across Adobe Creative Cloud apps and support collaboration for cloud deployment, on-premise and hybrid environments. Etere (booth#SL5616) announces their plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro which provides a tight integration for seamless operations including search and preview, partial file restore, promo management and content publishing. **Primestream’**s (booth #SL7920) asset management workflow extension panels for Adobe Creative Cloud enables users to capture, produce, manage, and deliver an entire project, from within Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects. Studio Network Solutions (booth #SL3305) is announcing “ShareBrowser” Extension panel for Adobe After Effects for their unique MAM solution. Sobey (Sony booth #C11001) is unveiling a new integration with Adobe Audition for streamlining collaborative editing workflows with Sony’s Hive content management system. **VSN **(boothSL7606) NewsConnect allows broadcast and media companies to interconnect via Adobe Premiere Pro, studio playout system and video servers, within a single, intuitive, centralized workspace to create a seamless workflow for news production.

Work smarter — not harder

Partners are also building Artificial Intelligence and organizational collaboration into their production workflow tools such as Simon Says,who is announcing their 100-language transcription and translation tool for Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition. **GrayMeta’**s (booth #SU2202) Adobe Premiere Pro plugin makes it easy find what you’re looking for with AI smart-tagging within Adobe Creative Cloud with the GrayMeta Curio Extension (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). The plug-in enables users to take advantage of deep insights created by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Marquis Broadcast (booth# SL14816) is announcing Postflux for Premiere Pro, a new cutting-edge platform which improves the archiving, versioning, integrity, security, performance and sharing of Adobe Premiere Pro projects in extended workflows. Moov-IT GMBH (booth #SL8016) Helmut FX and Helmut IO are MoovIT tools that simplify and organize production management and rendering workflows for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. Dataclay has announced their **“**Templater” tool which is an Adobe After Effects workflow extension that automatically updates project compositions by intelligently merging external data into layers. IPV (booth #SL5027) Announces Curator Project Connect for Adobe video workflows which allows for additional organization and collaboration. Vizrt (booth#SL3316) is announcing new visual story-telling tools targeted at Adobe editors, journalists and designers. ToolsOnAir (booth #SL14813) is introducing Markers Ingest Workflow for Adobe Premiere Pro, Accelerating workflows with automated markers import.

Creativity needs horse-power

Our hardware providers enhance the performance of Adobe video tools. Z by HP workstations, optimized for Creative Cloud, will be showcased in the Adobe booth along with Puget Systems’ high-end workstations designed specifically for content creators will be featured in the Adobe booth along with **Dell’**s 4K UltraSharp and Ultra HD Multi Client monitors. Also featured in the Adobe booth is the new eGFX Breakaway Box 650 eGPU expansion chassis from Sonnet Technologies with AMD’s Radeon Pro WX9100 card, which is supported by all Adobe’s video apps. Promise (booth #SL5610) is announcing its Pegasus32 Series, the first dual-compatible connection solution offered to the market that allows the same USB-C port to connect at maximum allowed speeds via Thunderbolt™ 3 or USB 3.2 Gen 2.

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