Zoopla Builds Better Experiences for Real Estate Agents with Adobe Sign

With Adobe Sign, Zoopla streamline sales contracts, getting them signed in minutes rather than days.

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 04-08-2019

Finding property online can be an exciting experience for home buyers, as they look to see what’s out there and get inspired. It’s no surprise, then, that property websites have sprung up worldwide to help people find new homes. As these companies compete for loyalty among home buyers, delivering compelling customer experiences is essential. But that’s just one element of their success.

In addition to pleasing potential home buyers, property websites must create winning experiences for the real estate agents who need to advertise their properties. Agents are constantly on the go, showing homes and striving to keep pace with changes in the housing market. When it comes to choosing a property website, they are looking for a partner that is not only popular with people looking for homes but also makes it easy to do business.

Companies that can effectively manage both of these experiences—and stand out as leaders in Customer Experience Management (CXM)—are positioned to rapidly win market share in the ever-changing and expanding real estate industry. Consider Zoopla, which has become one of the UK’s top property websites. Zoopla has a demonstrated commitment to putting home buyers and agents at the center of every experience.

How Zoopla stays on top of evolving housing markets

According to its website, Zoopla gets more than 50 million visits every month, and 33% of consumers rely on Zoopla as their go-to source for real estate. That’s a strong value proposition for agents, one that drives them to become members, run advertising on the site, and use Zoopla’s backend software.

Zoopla made that value proposition even stronger when it launched a customer-centric business transformation that included Adobe Sign and Salesforce—streamlining sales and onboarding contracts to make sure real estate agents get started quickly and never miss a sales opportunity.

“We handle 12,000 contracts annually from real estate agents, who we consider to be our partners,” says Laura Murray, Senior Corporate Account Manager at Zoopla. “Adobe Sign makes the process simple and smooth, allowing partners to sign the contract and get up and running the next day.”

Zoopla figures the average contract now takes 87 minutes to sign, rather than 2 days—thanks to extensive automation, electronic signatures, and a paperless workflow. Instead of printing a stack of order forms for agents to fill out, salespeople auto-generate order forms through Salesforce and use Adobe Sign to send contracts through email.

For the Zoopla team, that means fewer mistakes and the ability to see the status of contracts at a glance. Automated reminders keep contracts moving through to fulfillment. Editing features in Adobe Sign make it obvious when an agent requests a change to the contract—an improvement that alone saves 30 hours every month.

All these enhancements add up to exceptional partner experiences that set Zoopla apart. Given the dynamic nature of the housing market, the ability to move fast makes all the difference for real estate agents looking to attract more buyers and sell more properties.

_Zoopla uses Adobe Document Cloud e-signature capabilities to deliver a smooth experience to real estate agents. To learn more watch the video below.

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