Adobe is Honored at the 2019 CSO50 Awards

by Brad Arkin

Posted on 04-11-2019

The 7th annual CSO50 Awards recognizes 50 organizations (and the people within them) at the CSO50 conference this week for their security project or initiative that demonstrates outstanding business value and thought leadership. Adobe is recognized for two of its projects at this year’s awards, unique among all of the honorees.

First, Adobe was recognized for its Common Controls Framework (CCF) – a comprehensive set of security activities and compliance controls that enables Adobe’s engineering, product operations, infrastructure and applications teams to achieve improved compliance with security certifications, standards and regulations. Adobe has also released CCF as open source to help the industry with its own compliance efforts.

Second, Adobe was honored for its open source HubbleStack compliance monitoring tools. Organizations have difficulties handling security auditing and compliance that can be scaled across many teams with varying infrastructure. Adobe found ourselves in the same situation and in need of a tool that could provide a window into the complexities of their infrastructure. As a result HubbleStack was developed. Just like the Hubble telescope gives us a window into the complexities of our universe, HubbleStack gives a window into the complexities of your infrastructure. It includes components for information gathering, file integrity monitoring, auditing, and reporting.

We would like to congratulate our compliance and enterprise security teams, respectively, for this honor and their ongoing efforts in helping enable more secure digital experiences for Adobe and our customers.

Brad Arkin
Chief Security Officer (CSO)

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