Keeping the Customer Success Mindset

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 04-16-2019

Murielle Le Goff-Riveron wasn’t looking for a new job when she heard about an open position at Adobe. She had been at her previous tech company for over 20 years and was happy. She liked her work and her coworkers, and there just wasn’t a reason to leave.

But when a coworker left for a position at Adobe, Murielle couldn’t get the idea out of her head. Sure, she was happy—but what if there was something else interesting out there? So when her coworker told her about an open position at Adobe, Murielle looked into it.

“Leaving a company after so many years takes courage,” Murielle says. “But I found that everyone at Adobe was so caring and talented, and I was really drawn to the people. When I learned the full scope of the job, I realized that it was fully aligned with my experience and aspirations.”

She took the job and hasn’t looked back.

Today, as Head of Customer Success EMEA Southwest at Adobe Paris, Murielle leads a team of 25 people spread across the region. Her role is to ensure customers are getting value out of their investments in Adobe solutions and to measure the outcomes customers get from that value. For example, Murielle helps determine whether Adobe’s solutions have led to a customer’s increase in market share or productivity savings, and works to quantify those benefits with the customers.

Murielle says she’s been successful in her role because of her strong customer success mindset.

“You’re successful in this job when you have the capacity to put yourself into the shoes of the customer, understand their pain and what success looks like them, listening is a critical skill,” she says. “When they feel they have a problem, their perception is reality for them. You have to think this way to ensure that customers are at the center of everything you do.”

Murielle also has devoted years of her career to diversity and inclusion initiatives, and she brought that passion to Adobe. Today, she is the Adobe Paris site lead for the Adobe & Women Employee Network.

“When I started my career, I was 20 and doing coding, and I was the only woman in many situations doing IT work,” she says. “When I joined Adobe, I agreed to be the sponsor for diversity and inclusion in Southwest EMEA. We kicked off the #AdobeForAll initiative and have created a trusted work environment in which everyone feels valued and can realize their potential.”

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