PGi Finalizes Sales Contracts in Hours, Not Weeks Using Adobe Sign

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 04-16-2019

With businesses having to operate faster than ever, manual contract processes can be an enormous drag on a company’s bottom line. It also negatively impacts a customer’s interaction with a company. More and more businesses are waking up to these facts and setting out to find new ways to streamline processes for customers and employees

With Adobe Sign integrated into its Salesforce CRM and configure, price, quote (CPQ) systems, virtual conferencing software provider PGi revamped its sales contracting process. Today, the integrated solutions process about 135 contracts every month across geographies—sales contracts, HR document, regulatory forms—with each taking an average of 33 hours. That’s a big improvement compared to previously waiting weeks for a signature on forms.

A lot has changed for PGi since it adopted Adobe Sign. For one thing, the company now has a central e-signature solution, replacing a disjointed approach involving DocuSign in some locations and manual processes in others. For the first time, PGi has full visibility into contracts worldwide, including how long they take and where they get stuck.

In addition, Adobe Sign contract workflows are reliably embedded into organizational processes, with automatic notifications triggering every step. For example, when a sales contract is signed and finalized, a notification prompts the implementation team to start implementation and fulfillment, while the finance team sets up the new customer account in the billing system and calculates sales commissions.

Cody Roysters, PGi’s Director of IT, CRM Operations & Technology, sums it up nicely. “Adobe Sign workflows and notifications not only save employees a lot of time, but they also enable us to deliver products and services to customers faster and more efficiently,” he says.

_PGi uses Adobe Document Cloud and its e-signature solution in conjunction with Salesforce to deliver standout experiences to customers from beginning to end. Learn more here.


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