20-Plus Years of Rapid Deployment with Adobe ColdFusion—and Still Going

by Kishore Balakrishnan

posted on 04-17-2019

Great technology stands the test of time. Webauthor built its business on Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise in 1995 and continues to use the platform to this day—building custom applications for CRM, web content management, employee onboarding, online communities, digital marketing, e-commerce, webinars, and online learning.

According to Webauthor CEO and Co-founder Mario Rodrigues, it just makes sense. “Over the years, we’ve been asked, ‘Why ColdFusion?’ Our answer has always been, ‘Because ColdFusion works,’” he says. “Adobe ColdFusion continues to give us everything we need. Each new release provides Webauthor with tools to rapidly develop scalable web applications. We have yet to meet a challenge that ColdFusion can’t handle.”

That includes fast application response times for busy customers who expect high performing systems—thanks to ColdFusion’s asynchronous programming capabilities. It also includes scalability for businesses with growing or unpredictable capacity needs, as ColdFusion integrates with Amazon Web Services Lambda for reliable hosting.

Best of all, ColdFusion offers a modular coding architecture, which allows Webauthor to deploy custom applications rapidly—twice as fast as starting from scratch. For a small firm, this speed to market is crucial, and it even helps the company build working prototypes during the sales cycle to gain customer confidence. That puts Webauthor in a great position to seize opportunities—and with so many advantages of using ColdFusion, sticking with it just makes sense.

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