Top 20 Blog Posts About Adobe Target, Personalization, and Optimization

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by Drew Burns

posted on 04-22-2019

We realized that we had many blog posts that contain super useful information about Adobe Target, personalization, and optimization — tips and tricks, best practices, technical deep dives, and more. The great thing about a blog is that you can get a lot of valuable content out to readers very quickly. You write, revise, and post. No design work required. The bad thing about a blog is that if someone misses a post, as time goes by they’re less likely to discover it and read it.

With that in mind, we wanted to bubble up some of our most popular blog posts from the last two years to give you another opportunity to discover what might be just the exact content you’re looking for or need.

These popular blog posts fell into five main categories:

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Interest in AI and data science was huge, with four of the top six posts discussing personalization driven by the Adobe Sensei AI capabilities in Adobe Target.

Deepen your understanding of the AI and machine learning used by the Adobe Sensei-driven features of Adobe Target in this three-part series based on an Adobe Summit session. Read:

Better to grasp how to use the Adobe Sensei AI features in Adobe Target to personalize at scale by seeing it in action in this realistic scenario based on a fictitious travel company. Read How Machine Learning Drives Personalization at Scale in Adobe Target.

Discover the thinking behind Auto-Target, the value it brings to brands, its use beyond traditional websites and mobile sites, and its place in the context of the other automation capabilities in Adobe Target. Read Auto-Target: Personalization reimagined by Adobe Target, powered by Sensei.

Technical deep dives

The next most popular content in our blogs was for material that went deeper technically. We had five top posts in this category.

Analytics for Target, the integration of Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics, is one of the most valuable Target integrations. It lets you analyze your Adobe Target test results in Adobe Analytics for far richer insights. Learn how it works, why it’s so valuable, and how to start using it. Read Analytics for Target: Deeper Customer Insights for Deeper Personalization.

You can use just about any source of data about your visitors to personalize in Adobe Target. This post, based on a Personalization Thursdays webinar, describes the sources of customer data you can use in Target, how to discover valuable audiences in those sources, and ideas for using each source. Read So Many Audiences Just Waiting to Be Discovered for Personalization.

You can implement Adobe Target server-side, client-side, or using a hybrid approach. In this post, discover how each implementation approach works, learn when to use one approach versus another, and find out if you’re ready to try server-side optimization. Read Adobe Target server-side optimization — well beyond a testing solution.

More visitor data in Adobe Target means better personalization. Fortunately, Target can ingest first- and third-party visitor data, account-based (firmographic) data — even scoring models from your data scientists. This post explains how to bring all that rich data into Target and how to push out Target data to external systems. Read Transfusing Your Adobe Target Personalization with Its Lifeblood — Data.

Using Adobe Target server-side lets you personalize and optimize well beyond your website and mobile site — on smart cars, gaming consoles, voice assistants, IoT devices, and other devices. Based on aPersonalization Thursdays webinar, this post explains how Target server-side works, when to use it, myths about using it, and how to deploy it. Read Personalizing Consumer Experiences Everywhere with Adobe Target.


Given that the majority of visitors now visit brand sites from a mobile device, optimizing and personalizing your mobile customer experiences is more critical than ever. Read these top posts to discover how Adobe Target supports you in your mobile mission.

This post highlights capabilities that let you create mobile app experiences in a WYSIWYG editor, ensure a constant connection to app content (even when the internet connection drops), and QA your mobile app experiences. Read New Adobe Target Mobile Capabilities Enable Always-On Personalization.

With more visitors preferring to engage with your brand from a mobile app, you must consider the best approach to building your app, onboarding users, and ensuring its continued use. Learn how to do all this, and how to use Adobe Target to personalize and optimize your app as a key part of your mobile app strategy. Read Mobile Apps Transform Personalization.

Building an optimization and personalization program

Optimization and personalization as a practice has been around long enough in digital marketing that we’ve now zeroed in on many best practices associated with successful programs. These posts share some of those best practices learned over the years.

If you are an optimization and personalization leader, you may need to get your company to bring you and your program into discussions about the company’s digital channels at the right time — before key decisions are made. In this three-part series with valuable input from a top Adobe Target consultant, learn how to get a seat at the decision-making table for your program. Read:

Guest presenters from partner agency Brooks Bell shared their advice on a Personalization Thursdays webinar about governance best practices of successful optimization programs. This post details the spot-on points they made. Read Five Best Practices of a Successful Optimization Program.

When building an optimization program, it’s critical to track and report its value to the organization. Based on a Personalization Thursdays webinar, this post offers a detailed approach to developing a data-filled dashboard that shines a light on the value of your program. Read Creating a Dashboard that Showcases Your Optimization Program’s Value.

Tactical hands-on information and test ideas

A bit of a catchall, this category of some of our most popular posts discusses valuable things you can do in Adobe Target that you may have overlooked, a time-saving set of templates, and some test ideas based on a behavioral economics principle.

This post gives a little love to five powerful features in Adobe Target that users may have overlooked, forgotten about, or undervalued. Read Fall in Love with Five Features of Adobe Target.

As a marketer, you often have ideas for great Adobe Target activities, but often need developer help to create fairly common website components like a lightbox to create that activity. In this post, discover templates with code and instructions for using them for some of the most common website components. Then get building those experiences for your activity! Read New Experience Templates Help Satisfy Your Appetite to Test and Personalize.

Need inspiration for new tests? This post describes four test ideas for you to explore that are based on the behavioral economics principle of “relative value.” Read 4 Test Ideas That Tap into the Concept of Relative Value.

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