Building the Future of Customer Communications Management

Image source: Adobe Stock/ Chajamp.

by Sunil Menon

posted on 04-23-2019

We’ve just returned from Adobe Summit, the world’s largest conference focused on customer experience management (CXM). With record-breaking attendance, the excitement of what is coming next for building exceptional customer experiences has never been higher. As customer expectations continue to rise and organizations look for growth in a highly competitive landscape, owning a larger share of the customer’s wallet is increasingly difficult. Enterprises are quickly realizing that aside from a seamless journey while acquiring customers, it is just as important to deliver an engaging, personalized post-acquisition experience. This is leading to rapid innovation and investment in improving customer experience in areas like customer communications and customer onboarding.

While customer communications have traditionally been focused on solving for a print-first, paper-based solution, there is now an urgency to modernize that legacy approach with a digital-first strategy and deliver communications on the customer’s preferred channel, which could be anything across print, web, and mobile. To win in the market, organizations need to operate with speed and efficiency. Business users will need to accelerate the time it takes to create multichannel communications with engaging and visual content. Perhaps more importantly, those customer communications also need to be personalized at scale to deliver optimized interactions and build customer loyalty.

With the release of Adobe Experience Platform, enterprises will be able to build a real-time unified profile of their customers, giving them a 360-degree view of all customer interactions, and use that unified profile to craft personalized experiences that delight. As part of Adobe Experience Manager Forms 6.5, our latest innovation in customer communications management will empower business users to manage and deliver modern, personalized omnichannel communication experiences with ease, while our AI-powered Forms Conversion technology will help automate the transformation of PDF paper forms into modern, omnichannel forms-based customer journeys at massive scale.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Personalization

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