Vistaprint India Embraces AI-Driven Paid Search and Sees Sales Rise 10% with Adobe Advertising Cloud

by Phil Cowlishaw

posted on 04-23-2019

For today’s businesses, the importance of paid search is undeniable and offers a crucial first touch point in shaping a larger customer experience. As companies invest more in paid search, marketing teams are seeking faster, smarter strategies that maximize the return on their ad budgets.

One big challenge is finding the best way to reach target audiences without paying too much for clicks. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved to a point where it’s transforming marketers’ efforts. Companies that are using advanced digital tools that tap into AI find they can amplify paid search as part of a broader Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy—an important move as both competition and consumer expectations intensify.

To stand out and better serve more customers, Vistaprint India uses AI as a lever for next-level business results. When the Mumbai-based company started optimizing campaigns using Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, sales rose 10% while cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped 20%.

AI capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, are the key to these impacts. Here’s how Vistaprint India is putting the tools to work.

Say goodbye to manual keyword management

Instead of monitoring and adjusting keyword bids manually, Vistaprint India can let the Performance Optimization feature powered by Adobe Sensei optimize campaigns automatically. Marketers simply define business objectives and set the budget, while algorithms do the heavy lifting of monitoring keyword performance and finding the best value for the lowest price.

Combine data to see customers clearly

To see ad performance in the context of the broader customer journey, Vistaprint India splices in more than 2,000 real-time website engagement and conversion metrics from Adobe Analytics. This intersection of data creates a richer view of consumer behaviors as they engage with the company, helping to optimize keywords across devices, locations, times, and audience segments.

Add an expert advisor to the planning team

Vistaprint India has removed much of the guesswork from its portfolio and campaign planning with Adobe Sensei-powered features within Adobe Advertising Cloud Search. Using Performance Forecasting, the tool allows marketers to run simulations to forecast conversions for a specified budget—so they can bet on the approaches most likely to work. And Spend Recommendations provides insights based on projected performance, which allows Vistaprint India to reallocate budgets from low-performing campaigns to high-performing ones for a lower CPA.

Give the marketing team wings

Automation reduces time spent on manual tasks, which means Vistaprint India marketers have more time to think strategically and optimize ad copy for better quality scores. And with AI and machine learning driving paid search results, there is less risk of disruption as the team evolves and people come and go.

The technology is breathing new life into paid search marketing at Vistaprint India pushing the company to aim higher as it expands its customer base.

_Vistaprint India uses Adobe Advertising Cloud and the AI-powered capabilities of Adobe Sensei to increase the impact of paid search and drive business results. Learn more about Vistaprint’s new customer acquisition strategy here.

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