Back Office Speed Drives Growth at Hitachi Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Sign

Doing business with greater speed and efficiency.

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 04-29-2019

Speed is paramount in the digital age. Business leaders know they need their teams to work faster, driving efficiency in everyday processes and responding more quickly to customer demands. It’s an essential ingredient as companies compete to become leaders in Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Business acceleration is a challenge that Hitachi Solutions helps its clients address through digital transformation—with solutions covering everything from CRM and ERP to marketing automation and e-commerce.

“In the UK, we’ve grown about 1000% in terms of turnover and people,” says Simon Drake, UK General Manager, Hitachi Solutions. “It’s very important that we’re able to do the back-office work efficiently.”

As a Microsoft Partner, Hitachi Solutions is a major proponent of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a transformation agent for both clients and its own internal operations.

“We were really excited when Microsoft and Adobe started to work more formally together,” says Drake. “We’ve invested in these solutions ourselves, so everything we implement [for our customers], we use.”

Doing business with greater speed and efficiency

Hitachi Solutions seized on the opportunity to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the e-signature capabilities of Adobe Sign, part of Adobe Document Cloud. The solution accelerates sales contract workflows as much as 80% and cuts document processing times in half.

Marketing Manager Deline Pepaj explains the previous process. “We sent out approximately 20 to 30 contracts a month, including NDAs, master consulting agreements, and work orders. Before we used Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Sign, it could take months to get contracts signed.”

Now, documents are approved in days, with automated reminders to keep workflows moving. Hitachi Solutions can see which contracts have been sent, which have been signed, and which need a push to complete. That visibility also supports the company’s needs for auditability and regulatory compliance.

In addition, no more paper contracts means the company saves space and money. “We’ve literally been able to save thousands of pounds just in real estate in London by doing away with physical storage of paper,” says Drake.

Delivering a better customer experience with e-signatures

The solution also makes a world of difference in the customer experience as companies do business with Hitachi Solutions. Instead of dealing with paper copies in the mail, clients can sign contracts in a matter of minutes wherever they are.

And when account details need to be updated, it’s a simple fix. Two-way integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Sign means clients can amend information directly through the Adobe Sign interface, and the corrections are captured in the CRM record.

“All clients are under time pressures, so the earlier we can start on their program, the better for them,” says Drake. “We can look people in the eye and say, we know this works because we use it ourselves, and that’s very powerful.”

Hitachi Solutions uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its integration with Adobe Sign to achieve new levels of speed and efficiency for a better customer experience. Learn more here.

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