Stock Content Call: Video

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 05-01-2019

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the video industry is going through a revolution. More and more videos are being consumed online (over 1 billion hours per day on YouTube alone), and creatives are eager to make the most of this boom.

There’s no better time than now to sell your videos as stock footage. Upload them to Adobe Stock today and get your clips in front of millions of creatives, editors, and brands.

Here’s what we’re looking to add to our video collection:

Business and industry

Businesses and customers using mobile devices and tablets for transactions.

Video Source: Bavorndej / Adobe Stock


Video Source: hafakot / Adobe Stock


Video Source: ReeldealHD / Adobe Stock


Video Source: Syda Productions / Adobe Stock

Health and wellness

Video Source: SVTeam / Adobe Stock

Establishing shots

Video Source: Felix Mizioznikov / Adobe Stock

Shooting tips

Submissions tips

Need a little inspiration? Check out our gallery of clips on Adobe Stock.

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Topics: Creativity, Video & Audio

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