Rabobank Singapore Enhances Responsiveness and Service With Adobe Sign

by Chandra Sinnathamby

posted on 05-08-2019

Singapore boasts one of the world’s most innovative and business-friendly economies, currently ranking fourth on the Global Financial Centres Index. Banks doing business in this dynamic, fast-paced market are under pressure to work faster, not only to drive internal efficiency but also to make it easy for clients to work with them.

Every interaction makes a difference, as the customer experience in corporate banking often comes down to everyday activities—opening and closing accounts, approving trades, and opening new lines of credit, among other things. Streamlining these transactions is a key to a successful Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy in financial services. Rabobank Singapore offers a great example of how to achieve it.

In recent years, the Netherlands-based Rabobank has undertaken a sweeping initiative to improve customer experiences, with digital transformation playing a crucial role in meeting client expectations for more web and mobile capabilities. With so much international business, its Singapore operations provided an ideal testing ground for digital workflows and e-signatures with Adobe Sign.

Rabobank Singapore processes time-sensitive transactions faster

In the trade services department at Rabobank Singapore, the team processes thousands of time-sensitive trade documents every year, each requiring several rounds of drafting, checking, and authorization. In the past, it could take several days to finalize a document. With Adobe Sign, the team can turn documents around in a few hours, and that time savings gives clients a powerful competitive edge as they move on opportunities faster.

Likewise, Adobe Sign streamlines credit line approvals, making Rabobank Singapore more responsive to client needs. Instead of circulating a stack of papers to six departments, the e-signature workflow removes friction and offers visibility into who has signed and who hasn’t.

Efficiency catches on across the bank

After clear success in the trade services department, the use of Adobe Sign quickly took hold across Rabobank Singapore. IT now uses e-signature workflows to streamline processing procurement and compliance documents. HR has begun using the tools to facilitate recruiting and onboarding of new employees. And with widespread adoption, the entire Singapore office serves as a model for Rabobank operations across the Asia-Pacific region.

“We’re seeing amazing time savings and improved efficiencies across business units and in our interactions with the customers. Our sign-off processes are modernized, and work moves much faster now that signatures can be delivered and tracked with just a few clicks. We’ve raised the overall experience level—both internally and externally,” says Manikandan Ganesan, IT & Operations Business Manager at Rabobank Singapore.

Rabobank Singapore uses Adobe Document Cloud and its e-signing capabilities to deliver faster, better customer experiences as part of a Customer-Centric Business Transformation. Learn more here.

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