Meet Christoph Kull, Adobe’s VP & managing director of central Europe

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 05-22-2019

Off the heels of our recent award as a Best Workplace in German, we touched base with Adobe Germany’s Vice President and Managing Director of Central Europe, Christoph Kull.

Bringing with him over a decade of enterprise experience from companies like SAP and Workday, Christoph has been with Adobe since December 2018. Outside his work acting as an ambassador to the brand, meeting customers, supporting his employees, and more, Christoph made time to chat with us about what drew him to Adobe, his goals, his passion for cars, and what inspires him.

What initially drew you to join Adobe?

A couple of reasons. First, the space that Adobe created impressed and fascinated me. I believe that creating exceptional customer experiences is at the heart of digitization. The market is trying to find new business models to support this and trying to find out how they can create truly engaging experiences. We at Adobe created this category and we have the content, the data, the know-how and market experience to help our customers.

Secondly, the company’s history of growth and strategy is very sound. Adobe has made very smart acquisitions and the leadership team is sticking to this really thoughtful strategy. And this not only makes us very successful, it also makes us exceptional in the market.

Lastly, the people. I spoke to a lot of people during my interview and all of them embodied the unique culture, spirit of innovation, and creative history of Adobe. And this motivating passion and dedication I now experience every day with our employees in Central.

Once you joined Adobe, what surprised you the most?

I was positively surprised by the innovation at Adobe and how you can find it across the entire organization. Employees’ will to innovate is awesome here. My background is in engineering, so I always want to understand what’s behind the product. I was given a peek into the product early in my interview, and that really convinced me. It was and still is awesome.

What are your goals at Adobe?

In the short term, I have defined a team mission and it should stand true for 3-5 years. I want to unleash the potential of all our employees and customers in Central Europe through exceptional digital experiences. There’s so much potential. In the long term, I want to make Central Europe a pleasant and inspiring place to work, creating an environment where we can make an impact and our employees enjoy working and getting involved.

In terms of hiring, what are some qualities of your ideal candidate?

I care a lot about values and attitude. I want people who are customer centric, reliable, genuine, and deliver high quality work. They are self-driven and want to be coached.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t worry too much about the next big step. Be genuine, work hard and work on the right things every day. Good things will happen. When I learned that, it took pressure away from me and cut out all of the noise.

What are your passions outside of work?

I love my family. My wife and I have two daughters, and a dog. I love going on holidays with them and seeing different cultures. I’m also really into cars. And for me, tennis is still the best sport on earth – that’s my thing.

Do you have a dream car?

There’s not one dream car. I’m inspired by good design. Some cars are 50-60 years old and have a timeless design. I do admire classic Porsches, new BMWs, as well as Teslas.

What was your very first job?

The first job I had was a tennis coach. I used to play in professional tournaments, and it was simply great to be able to earn some money with my passion.

What inspires you?

Genuine people that have high level of integrity with a strong set of values. And those who have been successful in their profession. I like to read the biographies of these kind of people. That is very inspiring to me and personally, it gets me ahead. I think if you’re a good person and become successful, you create a legacy.

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