Capture Modes Debut in Adobe Scan as Sharing in Acrobat Soars

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 05-22-2019

There are thousands of productivity apps in the app stores aimed at simplifying every task in your life – from reminders and alarms to notetaking and calendaring. There may even be productivity apps to streamline your productivity apps! But, when it comes to digitizing documents and reliably working with PDFs from anywhere, only Adobe has the best and most widely-used tools to help you create, edit, sign and share your most important documents.

Adobe Scan adds capture modes

For nearly two years, Adobe Scan has helped speed productivity by turning smartphones into portable pocket scanners with free OCR and Adobe Sensei’s AI and machine learning superpowers. Just open the app to quickly capture and create high-quality Adobe PDFs from the documents you deal with every day. With nearly 30 million downloads and more than 140 million scans, Adobe Scan is now the leading scanning app on iOS and Android for creating high-quality PDFs.

The latest Adobe Scan update lets you toggle between a variety of capture modes to ensure that your documents, forms, whiteboards and business cards are captured picture-perfectly, every time. It’s easy to select a capture mode by swiping your thumb left or right, just like you select picture modes in your phone’s camera app. Once you capture what you want, Adobe Scan uses AI to intelligently identify and sharpen printed or handwritten text while removing elements you don’t like, like glares and shadows. From here, you can store and share your beautiful Adobe PDFs, fill and sign them in Acrobat Reader mobile, pull contact details directly from business cards into contacts, and so much more. Join the millions of people who already love and use Adobe Scan today!

Acrobat is more mobile than ever

If 30 million Adobe Scan downloads sounds like a lot (and it is!), try to wrap your head around 500 million downloads. Acrobat Reader mobile has been downloaded more than half a billion times – that’s more downloads than the number of people who live in North America! Since Acrobat Reader mobile is built by Adobe, it works seamlessly with Adobe Scan and is packed with the essential PDF tools you need to be as productive on-the-go as you are in the office. Automatically search digital documents instead of flipping through stacks of paper, fill and sign forms with just a few taps, and annotate and share trackable PDFs all from your mobile device. With a subscription to Acrobat Pro DC, you can even edit PDFs from your iPad or Android tablet, convert Office files to PDF and back, combine separate PDFs into one, and so much more.

Adobe continuously adds new features for Acrobat DC subscribers. In fact, we just released a number of Acrobat DC updates which include enhanced productivity, security and usability features. A few months ago, Adobe released the most collaborative, connected and mobile Acrobat DC ever, including a new way to share and review documents with just a link. No more attaching PDFs to email or opening them in third-party software. We had a feeling you would love this new sharing experience and boy were we right!

In just 7 months, more than 50 million Adobe PDFs have been shared through links in our products. A number that large makes perfect sense because PDFs are the way you create, share and save the most important digital documents in your life. From birth and marriage certificates, to taxes and contracts, to mortgages and resumes, if you can name an important digital document in your life, it’s most likely a PDF, or it should be.

Adobe invented the PDF and Acrobat more than 25 years ago to transform the way people worked with digital documents on the desktop. Now, apps like Adobe Scan and Acrobat continue to push the boundaries and show people what’s possible with PDF. Despite all of the digital productivity apps out there, only Adobe has the depth, breadth and reach to help people get work done from anywhere, one ubiquitous PDF at a time.

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