Get Ahead with These Adobe Stock Resume Templates

by Caitlin Crews

posted on 05-27-2019

You’ve turned in your last assignment and flipped your tassel. Now what? Graduation doesn’t mark the end of your journey; it is the beginning. Across the world, recent grads are trying to figure out how to land their first job. Adobe Stock can help you find a design that not only fits your style but will help you stand out. These resumes, cover letters, and portfolio templates are going to help you get your name to the top of the (figurative) pile. Read on for some key tips on what to look for when selecting a template or creating one for yourself.

Keep it simple

Elegant and sleek resumes give a polished and sophisticated look. Recent grads worry that they will just blend in. Having a well-organized and easy to read resume will allow you to get your strengths across to your future teammates. Emphasizing great design, these resumes will allow you to easily lay out your experiences with editable text and structured sections.

Modern Resume Template (Free) / Wavebreak Media.

Stick out, just a little bit

A pop of color can serve as a perfect way to highlight the parts of your resume that you may want to add attention to. Accents of color can help your reader see the important bits. Calling out your summer internship or the design club you formed, these colorful hints will make sure these experiences aren’t over looked.

Resume Layout / More Profesh.

Be bold, be you

Let your personality shine through. Having a portfolio ready to send while browsing for your dream job is important. Paired with a website or Behance Page, you can allow employees get a feel of the stretch and process of your work. These portfolio templates add additional value to your already stellar resume.

Trendy Portfolio Layout (Free) / Studio Standard.

Using Adobe Stock templates can help you make this next step less stressful. Whether it is your first job out of college, or if you are considering a career refresh, take a look here at these selected templates across Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to get your career moving forward here.

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