Leading Authorities Extends World-Class Experiences to Contracts with Adobe Sign

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 06-03-2019

Presenting a polished front for clients is important in any company, but it’s particularly crucial for Leading Authorities, Inc. (LAI). The company specializes in securing high-profile keynote speakers for live events and helping clients increase the impact of their events with video production and event management services. Every client interaction is an opportunity to strengthen LAI’s reputation for delivering inspired experiences, and any delay can hurt its reputation.

The Washington, D.C.-based company recently started using Adobe Sign to create better onboarding experiences for new clients. Contracts—more than 3,200 every year—are vital to the company’s work, marking the beginning of each client relationship, as well as integral to finalizing details with high-profile speakers and vendors that support events.

LAI delights clients with an e-signing experience

With the ability to sign contracts electronically, LAI clients can get work started on their events much more quickly and smoothly—no more printing, scanning, emailing, and faxing. It’s as simple as clicking a link, reviewing the details, and adding a quick signature from any device, anywhere.

Brie Merhar, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Data Analytics at LAI, explains what a game-changer this is for the company and its clients. “Whereas it previously could take weeks for us to receive a signed contract, we now get them back within days, and even hours,” she says. “The e-signature capability makes it easier for our clients, particularly when they’re on the road. Now, they can simply sign using their mobile device, from wherever they are.”

Adobe Sign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamline processes behind the scenes

A big part of the transformation hinges on the integration between Adobe Sign and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Salespeople can now easily create contracts without a lot of heavy lifting thanks to features such as field merge, which auto-populates documents with client details and cuts about 20% of the administrative work.

“Adobe Sign integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows our sales organization to create contracts within Microsoft Dynamics 365, without leaving their desks,” says Merhar. “The ability to keep our customer information in one place also increases productivity.”

Spotlighting client experiences

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is becoming an increasingly powerful way to set brands apart and build brand loyalty, and more companies are realizing that daily interactions with customers are an essential part of the overall experience. For LAI, paying attention to contract workflows is a way of delivering on its brand promise for world-class experiences and polished professional services.

_LAI uses the e-signature capabilities of Adobe Sign, part of Adobe Document Cloud, to streamline contract workflows and leave a great impression on clients. Read the case study here. Learn more about LAI here.

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