Goji Web Levels the Playing Field in Paid Search Using AI-powered Adobe Advertising Cloud

by Phil Cowlishaw

posted on 06-05-2019

Online shopping is becoming the new norm for everything from books and groceries and clothes to even larger items such as cars and mattresses. This reality has transformed paid search marketing into a foundational strategy for more businesses. From the world’s largest brands to the smallest startups, companies need to stake out a prominent spot in the search results to strengthen brand recognition and sales.

Search ads might be the first and only chance to connect with new customers, so it’s a vital part of the customer experience. As companies look to become leaders in Customer Experience Management (CXM), they must consider the starting point of online shopping experiences and focus on paid search strategies to increase the impact of their advertising dollars. It’s particularly important for smaller companies to become smarter and nimbler as they compete against well-known brands with much larger budgets.

Let the data speak for itself

Australia-based digital marketing consultancy Goji Web has extensive experience with brands of all sizes, helping them drive search performance as a key part of CXM. Goji Web Director of Data and Analytics Matt Murfitt talks about the importance of staying away from a one-size-fits-all strategy and instead really delving into data to guide a paid search strategy.

“Brands are often encouraged to bid on search terms that are variations on their name. While that works great for Amazon or Walmart, it’s bad advice for upstarts,” says Murfitt. “If you’re looking to build brand awareness, you need to look closely at the data and see where there are low-cost opportunities to attract customers and win new sales.”

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Case in point: SleepX

SleepX is a Goji Web client and a relatively new entrant to the highly competitive mattress-in-a-box market in Australia. When it launched in early 2018, the startup knew it faced a steep climb, entering a marketplace with 45 competitors.

“We questioned whether it’s even worth investing in paid search because we were spending more revenue than we earned,” says Kerstin Hoefner, Digital Marketing Manager at SleepX. “We started working with Goji Web and Adobe Advertising Cloud Search and realized that the right technology could make a big difference.”

In fact, Goji Web increased SleepX’s ROI by 600%—thanks to the consultancy’s expertise and the artificial intelligence (AI) baked into Advertising Cloud Search. Performance Optimization powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, adjusts bids automatically so Sleep X can focus on the big picture rather than managing individual keywords. Adobe Sensei algorithms also drive the Performance Forecasting feature, which allows the brand to test new ideas by simulating changes in the budget or business objectives.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud Search can effectively outperform any human campaign manager,” says Murfitt. “Because the algorithm does a lot of the bidding for us, we can afford to think about the challenges at SleepX more creatively, with more testing, learning, and experimentation to drive much higher returns.”

That’s good news for SleepX as it looks to compete in a market crowed with more established players. It now has an advantage it never expected and a powerful way to draw in new customers.

“As a small business, we’re biased toward a more hands-on approach to search marketing, but we’re also open to trying new things,” says Hoefner. “When we started using the Adobe Advertising Cloud algorithm, we saw results we couldn’t have achieved otherwise and realized the technology is not just for bigger companies.”

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