Stock Content Call: Summer

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 06-10-2019

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have been waiting patiently for the summer to arrive. Summer brings us new energy and inspiration, and there’s no better time to go out and capture seasonal content.

If you’re going on a beach vacation or planning to celebrate summer festivals, be sure to have your camera handy to capture content stock buyers are looking for this season, and submit your content to Adobe Stock!

Outdoor activities

Seasonal food

Holidays and festivities

Summer travel

Back to school

Shooting tips

Submission tips

See more inspirational seasonal images, clips, and more on Adobe Stock. Ready to sell your images and videos? Upload them to the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal today, and get your work in front of millions of buyers.

Topics: Creativity, Photography

Products: Stock, Photoshop, Creative Cloud