Adobe Improves its Leadership Ranking in Customer Communications Management

by Sunil Menon

posted on 06-13-2019

As enterprises look to differentiate themselves from their peers and keep up with the disruptors, a focus on customer experience has become a key part of that strategy. Brands are also finding that the cost of acquiring a new customer is more expensive than the cost to retain existing ones. Keeping them happy enables you to cross-sell or up-sell other products and services increasing the share of wallet from that customer, as well as make them advocates for your brand that can bring you new customers. This shift is driving changes in the way customer communications are created, managed, and delivered across multiple customer touchpoints with a much bigger emphasis being placed on the experience and not just operational efficiency in delivering that communication. As customer expectations change and the mix of customers across age groups varies, brands need a multigenerational strategy for customer communications (more on this to follow in a separate post).

Adobe has been leading the market with customer experience solutions across multiple categories, taking a digital-first approach, enabling brands to create, deliver, measure, and personalize integrated cross-channel experiences. We are honored to be adding to that leadership position with the release of the latest Aspire 2019 Customer Communications Management Leaderboard.

Aspire evaluated 22 different vendors across each of these grids shown below based on their current capabilities and strategic direction. Adobe is ranked as a Leader in the overall CCM grid, moving up and to the right from last year as well as ranked as a Leader in the Omnichannel Orchestration, Business Automation and Communication Composition grids. Adobe was evaluated primarily on the basis of our CCM capabilities and vision with AEM Forms but Aspire also considered the overall Experience Cloud capabilities including the availability of Adobe Experience Platform to support our Customer Experience Management strategy.

This result and this recognition validate the strength of AEM Forms’ capabilities and the innovation we have been releasing to market in the last few years that is enabling our customers to drive their digital transformation efforts with a modernization of their customer communications strategy. We are also excited to complement this with the broader set of capabilities available within Adobe Experience Cloud including market-leading content management, customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, and personalization.

Aspire calls out the following strengths in their analysis:

Aspire also states the following about Adobe:

“Adobe is a company that has a strong vision for how customer communications can drive further business growth, along with the strength to make its vision a reality. The opportunity for Adobe is to evolve AEM Forms into a more mainstream CCM capability that optimizes every customer touchpoint within a CX ecosystem. The latest product updates, the arrival of the Experience Platform, and Adobe’s vision on utilizing Sensei (AI tool) for CCM-specific use cases lead us to believe that Adobe is on the right track.”

We are both humbled and honored to be recognized again, and we are excited about continuing to invest in the capabilities that put our clients at the center of this innovation agenda. We invite you to take a deeper dive and learn about our latest release for AEM Forms 6.5, and see how personalized communications can transform customer experiences.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Personalization

Products: Experience Manager