How Purposeful Visuals Connect Brands to Principles

Image Source: Tandem Stock / Adobe Stock.

by Lindsay Morris

posted on 06-14-2019

Consumers today are more anxious than ever – about technology, the environment, social issues and more. They want the companies they buy from to have an optimistic and purposeful look to the future. Consumers seek brands that offer them meaning beyond products and services. Brands not only have to say something; they must care about something.

A recent study from Edelman found that 64 percent of consumers around the world, across age groups and income levels, make buying decisions based on a company’s social or political stance.

From sustainability to civil rights, a creative campaign is the main vehicle to communicate a brand’s purpose to the world. Creatives and marketers must find ways to communicate brand values more powerfully, with visually impactful and on-message assets that strike the right chord of optimism and inspiration instead of fear and anxiety.

Take a brand stand

At Adobe, we call this trend “Brand Stand.” It speaks to the growing interest for brands to take a stance for the future, whether it’s in social, environment, political or economic interests. Brand Stand is one of the four trends identified in our 2019 Visual Trends forecast.

But how do you choose the right creative, with purposeful visuals that can transform a customer from liking your products to loving your brand?

In this on-demand webinar, How Visuals Connect Products to Principles, you can hear different ways brands are creating campaigns that resonate with viewers and clearly communicate their unique purpose.

You’ll hear:

Now more than ever, brands feel personal. Consumers look for action and imagery that makes bold statements, and they use that information to decide where they spend their time and money. Watch today to hear how brands are connecting with their audiences to take a stand. Learn how to identify what on-brand means for your company, and then use that knowledge in your own creative approach to strengthen your campaigns.

For a glimpse of the kinds of issue-forward images and videos that are on the rise right now, check out Adobe Stock’s Brand Stand-inspired collection.

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