Prisma IT Helps Dutch Railways Keep Content on Track with Adobe ColdFusion

by Kishore Balakrishnan

posted on 06-14-2019

As digital channels and devices proliferate, managing content has never been so crucial. Content must be relevant and tailor-made for all the places people encounter it—websites, mobile apps, social media, text messages, email, chat, display screens, and more—and all the devices people use, whether that’s a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. The complexity and scope of the challenge is dizzying, and organizations increasingly turn to specialized tools to get it all under control.

Dutch company Prisma IT offers a powerful platform to help organizations “create once, publish everywhere” and keep up with the rising demand for information in a kaleidoscopic digital world. Its solutions are mission-critical for clients such as Dutch Railways.

As one of the busiest rail networks in the European Union, Dutch Railways relies on Prisma IT to rapidly deploy high-performing applications. In turn, Prisma IT relies on Adobe ColdFusion to deliver.

“Adobe ColdFusion is the foundation of Prisma IT’s rapid development workflow,” says Job van Oossanen, Business Consultant at Prisma IT. “It’s faster than Java in setup, application development, and debugging. And it takes a lot less coding to get jobs done.”

A custom solution for Dutch Railways

To help Dutch Railways manage and publish content, Prisma IT used ColdFusion to build a custom content management and measurement solution called ePublisher. The solution makes it easy for more than 700 employees to push information where it’s needed—that includes news, promotional videos, announcements, and notifications, along with real-time content streams for train location and speed, arrival platform, weather conditions, and track disturbances.

The information appears seamlessly on display screens in trains and terminals, in personalized emails and texts, and on tablets carried by conductors. Employees also feed the content into customer newsletters, mobile apps, internal communications, and business applications such as Yammer and Microsoft Office 365.

Plus, Dutch Railways can keep an eye on how assets perform with a dashboard built by Prisma IT—also using ColdFusion—which combines usage and viewership data from all the channels in which content appears.

ColdFusion delivers lasting value for Prisma IT

There’s a reason Prisma IT has used ColdFusion for nearly two and a half decades. The company estimates it can deploy applications 30% faster with ColdFusion over Java—and the platform has made it possible to offer both on-premise and SaaS versions of its offerings.

“Prisma IT’s three Adobe ColdFusion developers leverage the solution’s simplicity, reliability, and security with powerful results,” says Mark van Hedel, Lead Architect at Prisma IT BV. “The proven technology enables rapid development and testing with full control of secured access to customers’ back-end systems for every ePublisher deployment.”

That level of functionality is good for Prisma IT—and great for its clients.

Prisma IT uses Adobe ColdFusion to build powerful content management systems for Dutch Railways and other high-profile clients. Learn more here.

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