Adobe Campaign Earns Relevancy Ring Gold and Silver Awards for Customer Satisfaction

From omnichannel campaign execution to machine learning, Adobe Campaign delivers.

by Bridgette Darling

posted on 06-17-2019

Modern marketers need a modern email service provider (ESP). Gone are the days when enterprises solely needed help sending emails to their customers. Now they need 360-degree insights, access, and understanding to help assemble and deliver compelling messages that get results with targeted segments.

Enterprises don’t need an email service provider. They need an experience service provider.

That’s where Adobe Campaign comes in.

Adobe Campaign takes customer satisfaction Gold

In today’s cluttered, customer-first landscape, you need to go beyond standard email marketing and ESPs. You need to create omnichannel customer journeys. With Adobe Campaign, B2C marketers can leverage rich customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns that customers actually appreciate — through email, mobile, offline channels, and more. And those same enterprises are reporting triple-digit ROI.

That’s why Adobe Campaign was recognized for customer satisfaction in a host of categories in this year’s ESP Buyer’s Guide from The Relevancy Group. Accolades include Gold awards for the very top satisfaction scores in Campaign Execution, Omnichannel Marketing, and Overall Value, and Silver awards for Infrastructure and Stability, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Strategic Services.

Adobe Campaign’s high customer satisfaction scores prove that customers need more than an email service provider. Unlike other offerings, Adobe provides customers with an immersive platform that delivers relevant omnichannel experiences at scale. Adobe Campaign’s ability to guide users as they design their own customers’ journeys sets it apart from the competition.

Brands that want to survive in the coming decades won’t make it by focusing on each channel separately. They must holistically put customer experiences at the heart of their marketing strategy across every channel, which Adobe Campaign empowers customers to achieve.

What sets Adobe Campaign apart

Anticipating needs lies at the core of a great experience, so it’s a big part of everything we do and the products we create. Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology, is the perfect example.

Adobe Sensei is a set of intelligent services that dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences. Customers expect these experiences to be smooth and personalized, from their first interaction with your brand through conversion. As part of Adobe Campaign, Adobe Sensei helps you understand what content and context customers will respond to, so you can improve each campaign’s effectiveness.

With Adobe Campaign as a central part of Adobe Experience Cloud, enterprises open their organization up to more capabilities and improved insights. This collection of best-in-class solutions covers every angle — marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce — that you need to craft powerful customer experiences.

Through powerful AI and extensive organizational support through Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Campaign is a powerful tool for B2C omnichannel deployment and personalization.

Email is here to stay

Your communications with your customers are their experience with your brand. With email, you can interact with a customer even if they’re not ready to buy. It helps build and maintain a relationship and keeps your products and services top of mind.

In the coming years, the number of channels enterprises use to reach customers will continue to increase. After all, new touchpoints are being created every day. But email will remain an important piece of the customer experience, especially when it comes to brand communication and awareness. With so many messages coming from every side, customers will appreciate the flexibility email provides.

Most people don’t turn off their text messages or dictate to social media how many ads they want to see, but opening and reading their email is on their terms. They choose when and how to engage with the messages, and with the right data fueling your strategy, those messages can be personalized and productive.

Email is also an excellent platform for upselling the other channels within an enterprise. Like a domino effect, a customer who interacts positively with an email that upsells a company’s app is likely to download the app. After having a great experience within the app, they’re more likely to sign up for a text messaging list or finalize their decision to purchase a product. A positive email experience can be the doorway to omnichannel engagement.

Email use is not going away. It’s still the preferred channel for customers who want to interact with businesses and brands, and it has one of the highest ROIs of any communication channel.

As more and more enterprises demand greater customer engagement, more and more focus will shift to ESPs that not only deliver strategic email campaign features but also help orchestrate omnichannel campaigns. Adobe Campaign leads the pack with greater visibility, greater automation capabilities, and greater efficiencies during every stage of every campaign.

Learn more about maximizing your omnichannel marketing with Adobe Campaign here.

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