Nathalie Sauvaire on Learning Resilience at Adobe

When Nathalie Sauvaire was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, she didn’t know what to think. Her life had been turned upside down. She took a year and half off from working at Adobe Paris, which she has been a part of since 2008. While undergoing chemo and three surgeries, she always talked about coming back to work because the idea of looking forward was incredibly important for her and her family.

“When I was first diagnosed, there was a lot of uncertainty. But what really helped me was actually knowing that I had the capacity to be strong and resilient, because the challenges that I faced at work taught me how to be. Day after day, we focus on moving forward at work and facing challenges together as a team. I used these same skills to fight breast cancer” she says.

When Nathalie beat breast cancer a year a half after her diagnosis and returned to Adobe, she knew she wanted a new challenge though, “I could have returned to business as usual, but I wanted a fresh start,” she says. And just like when she was had to take time-off, her team immediately supported her in finding a new role at Adobe. Today, Nathalie is a Partner Sales Account Manager in the Digital Experience organization at Adobe, having moved from the Digital Media business unit she supported previously. “I’m really thankful for my team, especially my new manager and Adobe’s Employee Experience team. Everyone played a big part in my recovery. I don’t think there are many companies like this.”

Nathalie, who is also part of the AdobeProud employee network, spoke of her battle with breast cancer as a way to remind people that we all have the power to be supportive, no matter what someone else’s background is. When I asked her what “Better Together” and Pride Month mean to her personally, Nathalie was candid with her answer, “I think sometimes people are surprised to learn that I have a partner, and a son with her. But the truth is, we all share the same values, we’re all human, and we all have the capacity to help one another and be ‘Better Together’. How I identify doesn’t change who I am, and it shouldn’t change the way people treat me.”

“I’m very proud of Adobe for the tremendous progress they’ve made towards Diversity & Inclusion since I Joined the company. As a woman, a LGBTQ member, a mother, a recovering breast cancer survivor, working at Adobe has been a great experience, and has allowed me to become a better person.”

For Pride Month this year, we’ll be highlighting stories as part of a “Better Together” series. Come back weekly for new stories and perspectives.