For Creative and Ambitious Minds: Develop Creativity & Design in Business at MAX

by Elissa Dunn Scott

posted on 06-19-2019

Time to put that imagination of yours to work… literally. At this year’s Adobe MAX, you’ll learn all about how and why to merge your creativity with a successful career. In fact, we’ve got a track dedicated to that very subject.

The Creativity & Design in Business track focuses on building strong businesses around, you guessed it, creativity and design. With sessions covering a range of topics, from creative leadership to resilience to generating inspiration for personal passion projects, this track has all the building blocks you need to develop a meaningful career. Experts and leaders from top brands and agencies will share their strategies for driving business success and advancing the cause of design through unique techniques, creative campaigns, and innovation.

Think this might be the track for you? You’re probably right! Sessions cater to leaders across graphic, web, UX, and multidisciplinary design; art and creative directors; video, film, and motion graphics pros; photographers; tech or business strategists; and all other creatives with the drive and determination to grow. Although there are dozens more sessions within this track, here’s a sneak peek at three:

Living, Breathing Identities — Paula Scher, founder & partner, Pentagram

You don’t have to be a brand manager to impact the identity of your brand. And even brand managers may not always have the impact they desire. We live in an ever-changing cultural, political, economic, and technological climate, and brands must respond to shifting currents. Join Pentagram founder and partner Paula Scher as she debunks the myths about identity design and shares her techniques for building successful brand identities.

A few things you’ll learn:

Full-time You: Designing a Dream Job Made Just for You — Meg Lewis, designer & commercial artist, Ghostly Ferns

There’s no one like you on this planet, so why have a career that’s like anyone else’s? Do what you do best, get creative, and capitalize on what makes you unique. Designer and educator Meg Lewis will share how she invented her own career path where she gets to work with companies like BuzzFeed, Slack, Away, Samsung, Condé Nast, Google, Bloomingdale’s, and more, all while doing what she loves. It’s time to embrace your strengths and champion your personality to grow your career!

In this lively and inspiring session, you’ll learn how to:

Real Lessons on Creative Leadership and Growing Creativity in Your Company — Adam Morgan, executive creative director, Adobe

If there’s anyone qualified to talk about creative leadership it’s the executive creative director at Adobe, Adam Morgan. In this session, you’ll hear how to take discussions about giving creative leadership a seat at the table and turn them into reality. The world needs more creative leadership — come learn why and how you can make it happen.

Among many other things you’ll get out of this session, you’ll learn:

There is much more to learn in the Creativity & Design in Business track – be sure to check out the lineup of sessions and labs here. If you’re not yet registered, click here. We can’t wait to see you at MAX!

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