Building the Appliance Showroom of the Future with Adobe Screens

It’s 2019, yet many retail displays for kitchen appliances still feel stuck in the 1950s. Ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers are often framed by neat vignettes, complete with cabinets and marble countertops. While these displays might look nice, they can fall short in highlighting the design and features of an appliance, as well as limit personal expression and design creativity by prescribing exactly how a kitchen should look, especially when it comes to luxury brands. By limiting themselves to more traditional displays, companies could be missing opportunities to deliver powerful brand experiences.

Not so for JennAir. The luxury appliance brand has set out to break convention and reimagine how people experience their appliances through a complete showroom transformation. One piece of the overhaul: JennAir is leveraging Customer Experience Management (CXM) to bring its brand to life on the retail floor in an entirely new way for the industry.

Jon Hall, brand and product marketing director at JennAir, explains, “JennAir is hell-bent on burning down the tired conventions of luxury, by crafting distinctive luxury kitchen appliances that push form and function to transform spaces. With exceptional performance, masterful execution and provocative design, JennAir offerings are powerful, yet bespoke to individual tastes, shattering norms to deliver the progress that today’s luxury consumer deserves. Our new appliances are on the leading edge of smart, connected technology. We wanted to reflect that digital savvy in the showroom to create a more visual, customized shopping experience.”

JennAir’s nationwide showroom transformation

The JennAir showroom transformation started when the brand relaunched, introducing more than 200 new products within two distinct design expressions and returning to the progressive roots of JennAir founder Lou Jenn, inventor of downdraft ventilation.

As JennAir began to rethink the consumer journey, the brand leaned into its new brand ethos, Bound By Nothing™, inviting new modern luxe consumers, and the designers who serve them, to experience a new limitless world of design. In showrooms specifically, this meant a revolutionary approach to luxury marketing and sales was needed to shake up a stale category, and the brand’s 200+ new products should be hero, with no time wasted on anything that inhibits the mind. After visiting showrooms across the country, JennAir witnessed the ways color and style of cabinetry in showrooms determined what appliances consumers purchased. JennAir saw this white space in the luxury showroom experience, and immediately invested in the aspects revealed to be the most effective, leading the pack on the path of progress.

The brand eliminated kitchen vignettes and instead placed its products on pedestals, putting the sleek designs front and center. The company also added a crucial element—digital displays leveraging Adobe Experience Manager’s digital signage. The digital displays give shoppers an intuitive, emotionally engaging and futuristic way to explore JennAir appliances. In addition, they enable the company to update screens over-the-air and showcase hundreds of SKUs that would otherwise be impossible to fit on a showroom floor.

“Digital displays aren’t new in the industry,” says Hall. “What’s changed is the quality of content we can display and the fact that the JennAir showroom displays are now part of one digital ecosystem and fully integrated with our website and data management system. Whether our customers are using their own devices online at home or exploring products on a showroom display, they enjoy rich, consistent digital experiences powered by Adobe Experience Manager.”

People visiting JennAir showrooms all across the country will soon have access to the ultra-modern experience.

“We always lead with our customer first and fortunately we understand them very well,” explains Hall. “We know what they expect when they are online and when they are in our showroom, so it made perfect sense for us to marry both aspects of the JennAir Experience.”

JennAir is using Adobe Experience Cloud and its digital signage solutions to become a true Customer Experience Management company. Learn more here.